September 29, 2009

Garbage, Poo Poo and Barf

Well, today was a true test of my
patience and multi-tasking ability.
I was awaken by phone calls from my concerned family members (and I genuinely thank them) checking in to see if I was truly "stranded" and "hurt", as a hacker in my email account was trying to lead them to believe.
That overflowed into my facebook account as well, with ongoing chats between the hacker(s) and my friends and family. It snowballed and lasted around 12 hours with some dwindling phone calls into the evening.
To add to my chaos, my beloved puppy, Gilligan,
dumped my kitchen trash TWICE and spread,
no... SMEARED it around the floor!
Also because I was neglecting his bathroom privileges as I was dealing with my internet nightmare, he had a poo-poo accident on the floor.
Luke was the first to come upon this crime scene
and just after he drew my attention to it,
the lingering stench pocketed in the hallway
and made him do a little barf-o-rama.
Somehow the day ended with me still sane
and with a smile on my face.
Plus for those wondering, no one actually
got scammed out of any money. They were
simply annoyed by a tech savvy person
that just needs to get a life and
get a stinkin' job!!!!
So, I did manage to keep true to my heart
the title of my blog...
and as always- I advise you to do the same.

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