September 12, 2009

On Display

Last night I braved my way through West Carrollton High School stadium for possibly their biggest football game of the year- which WE WON!!! YAHOO My father-in-law joined us, and it was great having his company. This is something I probably imagine to be scarier than it really is, but I really feel "on display" when I go to Craig's work. I feel like students are whispering about me and pointing me, the wife of the assistant principal, out to one another. So not only am I trying to make sure I don't have condiments on my face during the fish fry dinner, I also need to be sure our children are on their absolute BEST behavior!
Well, as it turned out... THEY WERE! We squeezed into the stands and even in the packed tight surroundings,
Luke & Lydia did an awesome job. Luke has an natural fascination with football, so he was completely in tuned with the action on the field. Lydia, even through her sleepy eyes, paid close attention to all there was to see and hear around us. We didn't stay for the entire game, but I was proud to be there! On a side note, this was a rather long week (even being shortened by one work day) for Craig on crutches. I've never "been there", so I can't completely empathize, but I do have the proof of his still very swollen ankle to explain the discomfort he's experiencing. Yesterday was a 15+ hour work day for him, and it was possibly as big as, or bigger than, it was the day after his injury. He'll have another x-ray and maybe an MRI in a couple weeks to see if he'll need any sort "help" in healing. At the very least, I think this is going to be a long road to recovery. Poor guy!!! By the way... he has a spot paid for in a marathon in Dayton, Ohio next weekend 9/19 if anyone wants his place. Seriously!!!

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