September 18, 2009

An Alligator

Today Luke had some wonderful advice for his good friend, Ben. (by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEN THIS WEEKEND! He'll turn FOUR!!!)
Luke told Ben that he plans to be "Superman" when he grows up. Sounds normal to me. Then Ben in return shares with Luke that when he grows up, he wants to be an alligator.
Luke's response, and here it is- the best advice he could give, "Well... You have to work hard. You can do anything you want if you work hard." Ben replied simply, "I always do."
What a perfect world they live in!!!!!
Another part of our day- Our lovely neighbor houses a family of 6. That's 2 parents and 4 one year olds. That's right, quadruplets. They are just the cutest little stinkers too! They toddle all over their backyard. Luke found himself to be quite the entertainer today as a couple of the little ones had their faces smooshed against the fence while Luke danced around and made noises much to their delight. Luke loved the captive audience, and the sweet little kiddos smiled at his silliness. It's the little things that fill my life and warm my heart! Here's another thing that warms my heart (yeah right!) While I am replaying in my mind the sweet innocence of our youth around us, Craig is putting a new grip onto his Beretta 92FS. That's a gun, folks. UGH

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Anonymous said...

Funniest post ever...seriously, the gun thing had me rolling. I love you two!