September 25, 2010

Flapjack Faces

Good Morning, Luke & Lydia!
whipped cream hair, M&M eyes,
gummy vitamin noses, and yogurt mouths =

September 23, 2010


Have you played with Minky the Monkey - to the right?  It cracks me up every time!!!!!!  hee hee   I am continually impressed by how someone can create something to be so interactive and yet so pointless!

September 22, 2010

hard as nails

Today I experienced a parenting FIRST!!!
It's been awhile since I've gone through
something that hasn't already happened before.

I was clipping Luke's toenails,
Snip  Snip  Snip
(gross topic, I know)
I typically do this after the shower
when they're softer, but I did it today
when they're hard as "nails"!
hardy har har
In an instant one flew straight into my eyeball!!!
OUCHY!!!! I seriously had a little dagger
in my eye for a few seconds.
It was disgusting AND it hurt!!!!

This has NEVER happened before,
and I hope it NEVER happens again. 
It may be time to show Luke
how to cut his own stupid nails!

PS  I almost posted this on facebook,
but I decided I'd rather not let the
300 people who know me read it,
but rather just the few who actually care
about us.  Don't you feel honored!?!?!!?!!!!!

September 16, 2010

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

We have a dry erase board in our kitchen where we leave messages (mostly between Craig and myself).  The other day though, Luke was proud to show me HIS artwork...
How sweet- his name and a heart, but THEN...
he loudly announced that his "man" is yes- you see it correctly...
he's PEEING!
Ugh... BOYS! gross


Tonight at soccer practice, Luke was chasing the ball around the field with his teammates, and during a scrimmage, he supportively informed his teammate (WHILE ON THE FIELD TOGETHER), "Gavin! You're surrounded!"
Ummm..... a little help from your feet and not your mouth would have been nice, Luke.


This is Lydia's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang costume,
as she calls it.


During Lydia's gymnastics class at The Little Gym today, we experienced a funny moment, although not with my child.  A preschool age classmate of hers took a potty break during class and after a few moments passed, the little girl bolted out of the restroom WITHOUT any bottoms on!  Yep... bare buns bounding across the gym floor.  Her mother was mortified and flew after her.  I would have ran after my child too, but probably after I would have taken pictures!!! ha ha

September 9, 2010

Turtle Bouncer

Lydia loves to relive her younger years. She buckled herself into our little friend, Gus's, bouncer seat, only to find that she couldn't work the safety proof buckle to release herself. As she leaned and flipped forward, she quickly got excited, because she was gladly transformed into a TURTLE! She crawled about a bit as I took photos then anxiously wanted out.

September 7, 2010

Primitive Style

We had a terrific extended weekend in Kentucky.  Our kids (and DOG) were super-troopers as we camped, "primitive" style.  Well... I suppose we did enjoy SOME luxuries, but none included electric!
Here's a photo recap:
(you can click on individual photos to enlarge)

We hiked and biked.
We played ladderball.
Lydia WATCHED ladderball.
We played miniature golf.
We fished.
We took afternoon rests.
We went on a walking tour about the last battle of the Revolutionary War.  Sounds dorky, but it was actually very interesting!
We played on playgrounds.
We went on a hike at dusk.
We made classic S'MORES!
We saw the boyhood home of Ulysses S. Grant (built in 1824)
We visited a nature museum.
Home Sweet Home

September 3, 2010


Luke met a little friend at school.
I thought it would be nice to get his phone number, so we can possibly get together outside of school.  I logically sent Luke today with a piece of paper and pencil.

When I asked Luke after school if he got his new friend's phone number, he proudly answered, "Yes!"
I took the paper and on it was written:  1 7 6

Good Job, Boys!

September 2, 2010

Blowin' in the Wind

Lydia wears dresses and skirts almost daily.
No problem... until today.
I pushed my little peanut on the swings and her flowing little skirt blew in the wind so sweetly, as if standing in a breeze on a hillside in an old southern belle movie.
SO CUTE... until today.
TODAY, she didn't wear underwear!
Y I K E S !

September 1, 2010

An UNKODAK moment

There are times when I'm in the mood to capture a photo of my two beautiful and lovely children.  It's unfortunate that sometimes that moment doesn't quite coincide with their cooperation on the other side of the camera.
THIS was one of those times!
All I wanted was for them to BOTH STAND STILL TOGETHER and SMILE!!!!!
And THEN sometimes Lydia would be on cue, and Luke would be a maniac in the background!  UGH