January 23, 2011

I'll settle for 4

I've already announced that I'm planning to run
(well maybe "jog", but definitely NOT walk)
half of the Flying Pig marathon this spring.  I'm excited to share that I'm in full swing of my conditioning program, and tonight I completed 4 miles.  I jogged/ran nearly 3 of the 4 miles.  I admit I almost vomited at one point, but I never stopped or even strayed from my original plan/goal.  I had some burning in leg muscles I haven't felt or exerted in years, yet I feel proudI feel hopeful, too.  Hopeful that I WILL run (okay, "jog") 13.1 miles in just a few months.
For now though, I'll settle for 4.


PS  Want more details? It's FANTASTIC that I'm in the privacy of my own basement and even out of earshot of my sleeping children and tolerant husband.  I would be quite a dramatic scene to watch or hear, I suppose, because I shout words of encouragement, yes out loud TO MYSELF, BY MYSELF.  Tonight, I also yelled out, "Don't You DARE Throw Up!"  I gasped and muttered, "Crap! Crap! Crap!" when I struggled to keep up my pace.  I laughed at myself, yes out loud, when I imagined myself flying off the back of the treadmill into Craig's drumset.  As I completed certain distance markers, I literally threw my hands in the air pumping my fists like Rocky Balboa.  And dare I admit it, but I sobbed like a lunatic during my cool down walk.

I've set a goal.
I'm on schedule for meeting my goal.
It feels AWESOME!

January 20, 2011

100% GIRL

Lydia just asked Luke, "Can you tell me I'm pretty?"  

(I assure you she's NEVER heard me saying this!)

Craig said,
"Next time, she'll ask him to say it with more feeling."

January 19, 2011

Penguin Poo

Luke and I went with my family to the Cincinnati Zoo to watch the Penguin Parade.  It's exactly how it sounds, too.  They literally parade the penguins from an outdoor pen into their home in the Bird House building.  They let them waddle along the path as we made a human fence line. 

It just so happened that I got Luke right up near the gate and he was the first to follow behind the trainers through the entire route.  It was quite a sight to see (and hear!  The penguins honked and squaked occasionally which was funny).  Once we got into the bird house the mood changed.  The lighting is dark and there are narrow hallways with lots of turns. 

The only mishap was when we ALMOST stepped right into some fresh penguin poo right in the middle of the floor.  Apparently, penguins have no shame and just let loose wherever they want.  It wasn't a little dollop either.  It was more like a melted ice cream cone.  GROSS!
This Penguin Parade runs every winter twice a day.  I recommend it, as it was a unique and fun experience.  Just watch where you step!!!   hardy har har

Here are three more non-traditional photos I took while at the zoo.  They're my favs...

January 17, 2011

Okay, Tooth Fairy... we're ready for you!

 When I start a project, I like to finish it ASAP!  That's what I had in mind when I set out to make this here craft.  Luke's probably going to lose his first tooth in the next few months.  I really want my kids to have tooth fairy pillows, and I've been googling prices and ideas online for months.  Well a few days ago I saw one that I really liked, but they cost $20 each.  Ugh...  I considered it more closely and realized it would be fairly easy to reproduce it myself.  So, this weekend I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, bought some felt and in one evening, while our family enjoyed The Wizard of Oz, I stitched and stuffed until VOILA....
his and hers tooth fairy pillows. 
Their names are on the back
along with a small pocket for their tooth. 
By the way, I believe Made With Love negates perfection!!!

January 12, 2011


I'm taking the ONE MONTH TO LIVE challenge with my church.  Together we are reading a book that asks you consider living life to the fullest and with no regret.  It's been enlightening to say the least.
Tonight I just read a quote and I think I might just have to frame it.  It's about "letting go".  Not being afraid of failure or wasting time. 

A ship is safe in harbor,
but that's not what ships are for.
- William Shedd

January 5, 2011

Photo Recap of the holidays

Dressed and set to go to our Christmas Eve church service.
Craig's mom started a tradition of giving the kids Christmas pajamas each year.  Since in the past we had gathered together on Christmas Eve, the kids were always able to wear these pajamas on Christmas night and then open gifts the next morning in their new 'jams.  Last year, I decided to keep up the tradition. 
 This year they giggled, and named their PJs, "elf clothes".
 I was thrilled and honored to make quilts for each of the kids.  In advance, I prepared myself that they most likely won't be as excited as me.  As you can see from Lydia's expression, I was right on with my assumption.
 Obviously, we opened presents on Christmas morning.
My parents joined us for lunch and more presents.
Then Craig's dad was coming for dinner and MORE PRESENTS.  In the afternoon, the kids were
pretty wiped out, so the quilts already came in handy as they both took a Christmas Day cat nap.
Lydia received an Easy Bake Oven.  She put it right to work and our family enjoyed tasting her creations.
On New Year's Day we headed to Lima, Ohio to attend my cousin's wedding.  The kids do clean up nice from time to time, don't they?!?!  We got this cute dress from our little friend, Lily... thank you!