October 30, 2010

Laugh Until It Hurts

Out to eat and having a terrific time!!!
(at bd's Mongolian Grill)
Can't you tell?!?!!!!

Well, all of us except Lydia.
I'm surprised she didn't dig the
Pippi Longstocking look!

October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

Grody Gourds

Okay, so it's been decades since I've carved a pumpkin.  I thought it would be a super fun activity for our family to do... LAST WEEK.  YAY for us, right???  I mean, NO ONE around has gotten around to carving their pumpkins yet!  WOW! We're WAY ahead of the game...
Our pumpkins are now in the compost pile,
because they all shriveled up and got moldy.
I never considered WHY no one has
gotten around to carving their pumpkins yet.
Lesson learned!

October 23, 2010

3 Jacks and a Frank

We carved pumpkins yesterday.  We've never done this before.  The idea was foreign to our kids.  It was a fun experience letting them see and touch and squeeze the goopy slimy innards.  Luke LOVED the nastiness.  Lydia was disgusted and wanted to leave the room.  Craig decided to try something more intricate than a plain old "jack" face.  The kids had to go to bed before he finished, but it turned out pretty awesomundo!

October 21, 2010

Dressin' Up

This past weekend we went to HallZOOween with our good pals. Check out the happy crew!
Lydia's accumulated quite the dress-up collection.  We assembled a little clothes rack for her.  Changing outfits has become her new hobby!

October 19, 2010


Have I said before how much I love my daughter?
I don't always mean to say Luke's gross, and I love my daughter.
I DO love them equally!!!
I just tend to adore Lydia's choice of activities around the house sometimes a little better... for now.
Well the other day, I walked passed a toy area and this tiny display caught my eye.  It's a miniature dollhouse we picked up for our 10+ hour vacation drive this past summer.  It was nice for Lydia to plop onto her lap and have some stationary fun in her carseat.  Well, bless her little heart... she just recently set up all of the furniture and placed the little mini-dolly right into the swimming pool for a dip-a-roo!
This little dolly is less than an inch long; the house is less than 6 inches tall. I can only imagine Lydia's teeny little fingers gently setting each piece into its place.
I LOVE my daughter!!!!

October 17, 2010

Bug Goo

For a birthday present, Luke received a Bug Kit.  It includes a machine that helps you mold and make bugs.
Once you MAKE the bug, you can inject nastly slime into its belly so when you stomp on it - it's guts squirt out.
It's been fun though.
Gross, but fun.

October 16, 2010


I like to keep busy with all sort of creative outlets.  My new fun is using the website www.fiverr.com.  It's a website where anyone can list something for purchase in the amount of $5, then anyone can go on there and buy something for purchase in the amount of $5.  The website collects the money from the buyer and the seller gets $4.   Simple and genius!

SO... I recently made profile silhouettes of my kids AND DOG.  They turned out really cute!  I've gotten a handful of compliments, so I decided that could me my service on the website.  I've already had a couple customers in just 2 days time.  I don't know how long I'll keep up my craft, but for now it's pretty fun!

October 4, 2010

Disney on Ice

I took Lydia to see Disney Princesses on Ice this weekend.  I was informed about how we would see many many girls dressed up in costume.  Since Lydia on an almost DAILY basis has costumes on around the house, I thought I'd treat her to a special new gown.  We left early for a breakfast... just the two of us.  Then we stopped by Target and raided the Halloween rack until we found the perfect one.  Lydia was GLOWING with excitement as we pulled up to the The Nutter Center and saw dozens of little girly girls JUST LIKE HER!  Then as Cinderella made her grand entrance onto the ice, Lydia burst out with, "She is dressed JUST LIKE ME!"   I was a sappy mess during most the performance.  I cried several times, because I just felt overjoyed for her.  She was SO HAPPY!  I fell in love with her on a whole new level that afternoon.  It was our FIRST of MANY mother-daughter experiences!!!!! I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!

Six on the Sixth

Luke chose to have a movie night for his birthday party.  We had such a great time serving up Skyline Chili, HIS choice (GOOD choice)!  For the movies I put together a medley of Halloween cartoons.  Below is one made in 1929, and it was a BIG hit! 
Here is the birthday boy!
Here is his cake.  I had fun going along with his theme, Super Mario Bros.  He LOVES playing this game on the Wii, even though he gets to play maybe once a month- at the most!  I guess absence DOES really make the heart grow fonder.

October 1, 2010

Our Faux Pas Family

Since Luke could speak, our family has called the crust of bread and buns/rolls/etc. "bones".  I'm not sure how this happened; it just did.  Now at the age of almost six, I think it's time we teach him the correct words.  I feel prompted to do so, because the other day we discussed what he wanted to eat.  He asked if we had hot dogs.  "Yes," I replied.  Then I hear, "Do we have bones?" Oops.  It occurred to me that he may not even KNOW they're called buns.

I'm beginning to teach piano lessons again!
I'm super excited about this!!!!!  It's three of my loves... kids, music and teaching all smooshed into one! 

Lydia sleeps diaper-free now!
It feels really early for this, but she was ready and SO AM I!  I may not have to buy one more diaper... EVER!  Yay Us!

This weekend we're celebrating Luke's birthday.
Plus Lydia and I are going to Disney Princesses on Ice. 
I'll surely have photos to share.

I debated writing this next story.
It's rather embarrassing (and slightly crude).  You know me though, I'm always pumped about a good laugh - so I truly hope you find it funny and not vomiticious!!!!  Yesterday morning, we were heading out after breakfast and as always I told the kids to go hit the bathrooms first.  Luke informed me, "I only have to pee, because I already made a big loaf this morning."  EXCUSE ME?!?!!!!!    How much more disgusting that can that sound???  I couldn't help myself though; I burst into a hysterical laughter.  I then gave my dutiful parental lecture and told him that the term "loaf" is only a word to be used around our close friends and immediate family, not for a general audience.   Barf!
Maybe I can take this as an opportunity to teach
the phrase faux pas.
Definition: a violation of accepted social norms
So... mental note: teach Luke the meanings for
"faux pas", "crust" and "buns".