September 5, 2009

Poor Craig

Poor Craig...
He has/HAD a marathon planned for September 19th. He was VERY READY! He was out on yet another run yesterday morning at 6am and in the dark, stepped on something which caused his ankle to roll out from underneath him and down he went!
His hand is scraped and bruised, but more devastating... he seriously injured his left ankle. To add to the pain and anguish, he had to walk 1.5 miles home (45 minutes) as it began to seriously ache and swell.
We headed off to Urgent Care for x-rays. The Dr. didn't like what she saw so referred us to an orthopedic Dr.
Immediately we headed to an appt. and sure enough... a fractured fibula, torn ligaments and a 3rd degree sprain.
He iced it and has super duper pain killers. It's really not completely disguising the pain though. Darn :(
He's on crutches and has a cast that's removable - maybe so it doesn't get stinky! ha ha
He's not allowed to bear weight on it for at least a week, and must wear the cast for at least 3 weeks and then will be weaned off of it depending on future x-rays.
Bummer about his upcoming runs... the marathon and a couple other 10k & 5k runs.
If you want to send him a "pick me up", feel free.
He's going to be laid up for quite awhile and already getting ants in his pants.
Here's a picture of his sad sad state... swollen ankle, foot, and even toes!
This was taken today. Can you believe it was actually BIGGER than this yesterday?!?!?!

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Tom said...

This picture reminds me of that scene from "Misery." If he gives you any trouble, just put a wood block between both ankles and go fetch your sledgehammer. (Ugh. I just shuddered thinking about that scene.)