March 28, 2011

Lydia's Autograph

Lydia's Autograph (with NO assistance)
Not too shabby for a 3 year old, if I do say so myself!

Use It or Lose It

Guess what we did this weekend!!!!!
Yep... that's MY foot!!!!!!

We ALL hit the floor at Skatetown USA.  Lydia did awesome as Craig and I took turns pushing her around like a lawn mower. 
 Luke had a little trouble finding his balance, but it's just his nature to want to be perfect the first time around. 
 By the end though, he was a happy camper.

And I personally am thrilled that  I  didn't completely wipe out.  Not even once did my tushie touch the floor!  There was one second when I first stood up that I had to throw my hands wildly into the air grabbing for an ounce of dignity, but nope- I didn't actually fall down.  THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  All I have to say is ROLLER SKATING is NOT like RIDING A BIKE!!!!! This is a skill that if you don't use it, you totally lose it!
That being said though... by the end of our fun, I loved it so much that I went a few times around the rink all by myself.  YEEHAW!!!!

March 25, 2011


During Lydia's Little Gym dance class, they sometimes explore different styles of dance.  This week they did a swing dance time.  You can't really hear the music, but it was a good jitterbug tune and the girls just bounced around as happy as could be.  CUTE!

I'm a Woman

Luke was describing how he would like to
use some of his money to buy something.
Lydia interrupted him with this suggestion,
"Luke... I'm a woman.
Let me buy it for you with a coupon."
Luke replied, "Okay.  I'll give you my money."

It makes me laugh so hard at what my kids have interpreted their roles to be just by observing our family.  I feel bad sometimes, yet since they've said on numerous occasions that they plan to marry each other- I guess they've got their life and future responsibilities all worked out.

I also don't know if I shared this story yet...
Luke told me not long ago that when he's older and gets married to his "wife", he's NOT moving out of our house.  Nope.  He informed me that Craig and I are going to have to be the ones to move out and he gets to stay at our house.   Now, THAT'S a genius financial planner!

Last story...
L&L don't ALWAYS get along so well.  In fact, often enough I find them irritating one another on purpose and it drives me bonkers!  I recently used an oldie but a goodie from the parenting book (my sister used it too and speaks highly of the method).  My kids were "at it" a couple days ago, and so as their "punishment", they had to sit on the couch and hold hands.  I stepped out of the room and when I returned Luke tattled that Lydia told him she didn't like him.  I just told her that was very, very sad.  I continued to have them sit there holding hands.  I continued around doing things and it took only minutes before they were chanting at the top of their little lungs, "HICKORY DICKORY DOCK! THE MOUSE RAN UP THE CLOCK!"  Needless to say, the trusted method worked like a charm. --- They forgot all about their little tiff, and I didn't have to raise my voice!

March 20, 2011

Embrace the Pain

This past week Craig urged me to sign up for a 10k run, which was less than a week away.  Now sure I've been working at building up my endurance for mileage, but I've lost some of my enthusiasm for it.  I'm still accomplishing milestone goals, but it's not been as "fun".  Being on treadmill for 30 minutes was WAY easier than being on for over an hour.  So.... I signed up for the Heart Mini 10k run, scheduled for today, Sunday 3/20/2011.  Friday I hopped on the treadmill and I didn't last long.  I was having a major mental block.  It wasn't even a physical inability.  It was just a lack of desire... waaah   waaah
Saturday arrived (the day BEFORE the run) and the sun was shining and the temperature was near perfect!
A gorgeous day! - Then Sunday arrived.
The forecast was a drop in temperature and RAIN!  
I can't believe it!  I went from the comfort of my own basement to being outside in 45 degree temperature with three shirts on, shorts AND pants and SOAKING WET shoes- before the race even began!
There were approx 15,000 runners throughout the different distance races, so it was a CRAZY environment.  

I'll spare the long story, but I'll say this...
I DID IT!  I did ALL of it!  All 6.2 miles.  There were crazy hills (for which I did NOT adequately prepare) and crowds of people to weave through, yet I STILL did it in 3 less minutes than my goal time!  YAY ME!
Bonus, I wasn't completely fatigued at the end.  In fact, once my body loosened up, I probably could have run for another mile or two without a problem.  Only on the drive home were my legs beginning to feel a bit tired.  It truly is a mental game after a point.  I texted Craig on the way up the first big hill. (YES, I texted Craig! I was really frustrated!)
His words of advice, "Embrace the pain."
Hmmmm........ I held tight to those words.  I think I may have felt much more discouraged if he wouldn't have told me that phrase. 
Change doesn't just happen.  I need to accept the work that it requires.  I'm making it my new motto to help encourage me until May 1st.
Flying Pig...  here I come!

March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Menorah

So my bestest friend (who demanded full credit) had a great idea to add to our fun day.  I made a quick trip up to our local party supply store and bought some chocolate gold coins.  I just planted a couple dozen around our back yard, and I can't WAIT until Luke arrives home from school so I can watch him discover the trickled treasures!!!!!  I'm going to reference an odd glimpse of a speedy little creature hustling around our yard this afternoon.  I'll act ignorant as to what it could have been.  Of course I might mention it was wearing a green jacket... hee hee
Craig liked the idea and asked me to reserve a handful for him to continue the fun throughout the evening.

Here's the funny part.  There's ALWAYS a funny part!!!!!   I only could find ones with a menorah and dreidel on them.  ha ha  They say "A Chanukah Tradition since 1949".  I tried two other stores to find ones more appropriate for the day with no success.  Oh well.  My kids shouldn't care WHAT is on them as long as they get to run wild finding them and get to EAT them at the end!!!!

Thanks, Christy, for the idea!!!! Seriously!

Shoes for the Tooth Fairy

Luke is full of wild and funny ideas.  He always has been very thoughtful to try to piece together our world.  He is a very inquisitive boy and never ceases to shock me with his creative imagination.  Today, we talked about St. Patrick's Day traditions.  They talked about it at school as well.  We went to the park to enjoy the near perfect weather (70 degrees and SUNNY), and I saw him staring at the ground.  I asked what he was doing.  Well, "looking for four-leaf clubs."  Of course!
ha ha  We do play cards, so in his sweet little mind, "clubs" seemed the appropriate word.  I did gently offer correction that it's a clover he's hunting for, not a club.
Then we got on the topic of leprechauns.  He asked if I've ever seen one.  He told me he plans to catch one someday.  He also said he hopes it rains, so we can drive to the end of the rainbow to find the pot of gold.  He, of course, was full of questions trying to gather information about this strange miniature being we fantasize about.  I told him some people don't believe they're real.  At that, he frankly declared, "Of course they're real!  They make shoes for tooth fairies."   ha ha   WHAT?!?!!  I love him so much!  I cherish our conversations!
Now to express my love for Lydia...
in the early early morning, she came into my room and woke me in desperation saying, "Mommy, I lost one of my socks in my bed."  She really seemed upset by this, so I didn't want to belittle it.  She ended up crawling into bed to snuggle with me.  It resulted in some major snoring my ear, but I didn't mind one teeny weeny bit.  I just laid there holding her as she snuggled into my embrace.  I realized my baby girl is not a baby in any way, shape, or form.  These past few years have gone so fast, and to think of her being FOUR this summer.  I suddenly feel unprepared emotionally to have her grow older.  I took the hour or so before the sun came up to just burn this memory into my brain.  I'm sure I may find comfort in referring to it when she's slamming the door in my face as a teenager and screaming that she hates me.

March 16, 2011

Up Chuck

Just as I thought I was getting caught up on laundry
(side note: I get GIDDY when I have every single bit of laundry
washed, folded and put away at the same time!)
I was bombarded with more soiled, and I do mean SOILED garments.
At The Little Gym today, Luke barfed all over himself, me, the floor and someone's carseat.  The poor employees went right to work cleaning up the disaster on their CARPET!  They were amazingly kind. 
Poor Luke, though.  I guess it was a complete surprise attack, because one second he was fine and the next...

I'm no beginner at handling all of this.  Lydia's been vomiting her whole life practically.  Most recently, she puked all over herself and on my lap while sitting in the dentist office.  That was one of the worst, but there's been plenty of other times we've experienced this.

When Luke was around 2 years old, he puked all over my chest as I was holding him in Hobby Lobby.  That particular time there was just a nice pool that I captured between us and had to hustle to the back of the store to the restroom as it sloshed about.

Lydia's thrown up so many times in our car and at restaurants that I can't even recall them all.  Even as an infant she had ferocious spit-up.  Once as I cradled her in my left arm, she so violently threw-up that it shot across the front of me knocking over a bottle sitting on the table to my right.  Like a fire hose!

I have to say though, even with all of my experience- I don't think I'll EVER get used to it.  Each time is horrific- for both my kids and for me.  It's  N A S T Y and embarrassing. 

PS  If you don't know this already, please understand that for Luke- it's all virus related.  For Lydia, she's been treated and takes medication for her condition.  Her condition is called Pukey Pukerson.  No, it's actually
Eosinophilic Esophagitis ("E.E.")

March 15, 2011


This might be in the TOP TEN list of how NOT to start your day...
As soon as I hopped into the shower this morning, I hear
I had only hit "snooze" on my alarm, rather than turn it off.
I made the choice to finish my shower to the sweet sound of the beeping, in hopes it wouldn't wake the kiddos.

March 9, 2011

Just a List

  • My yard is a true swamp.  We have pooled up water from fence line to fence line.  YUCK
  • Lydia whined and cried for more than half of our family bike ride yesterday.  I hope that isn't an indication of how things will go this summer with her!
  • I'm helping to plan my 20th grade school reunion. Our graduating class had approximately 45 students- most of which attended as a core group from 1st to 8th grade. 
  • I'm heading up Luke's school fundraiser.  It's hopefully going to be a huge success and will help afford new playground equipment!
  • I am helping to plan my cousin-in-law's baby shower.  She lives in California, so it will be our first experience with a "virtual shower".  It should be interesting and will surely be fun!
  • I have 7 1/2 weeks until the half marathon.  I completed 5 miles on the treadmill last night (ran 4.75 of it).  I did it at a comfortable and relaxed speed and still finished in the time I had hoped.  PLUS, I'm not sore at all today from it!
  • Craig has been casted to play a role in his school's musical.  NO! He's not singing, but he DOES have a speaking part as a policeman.  He's NEVER done anything like this, and I'm loving it!
  • Did I ever mention that last year he coached a group of students to play a drum line song in the school talent show, and his group won?!?!!!!
  • Luke made the shoe-tying club in his class. He's just one of three students in the club so far!
  • Craig made a 3 pointer in a recent staff/student basketball game.
  • I learned to crack eggs with one hand.
  • Luke is taking drum set lessons from Craig, and both Luke AND Lydia are taking piano lessons from me.
  • My quilt did NOT get ruined by the skunk a few weeks ago.  It only took one washing and it was totally fine.
  • We've converted to primarily a vegetarian diet (at home).  We're all feeling the benefits and surprisingly, we are loving our new food choices!
Hmmm..... what else?  I'll try to think of more updates.
hardy har har