September 13, 2009

Did You Hear It Break?

Okay, it's been awhile since Luke has been completely unmanageable. This evening after several attempts to get his behavior under control, we sent him to bed. He was beyond devastated! As he was throwing himself around in his bed, he cried and cried and through the tears shouted "My Mom Hates Me! My Mom Hates Me!" Did you hear my heart break???? He's never before said anything like this, and if I ever find out where he learned it... grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, it was worthless to talk him down from his hysteria, so I gave him some time to wallow. Once he was silent, I went in to talk to him. Let me say... it was the best thing I could have done!!! I had considered letting him fall asleep in his tearful pity, but after I walked in to OPEN arms from him, I realized he and I BOTH needed the comfort of a good L O N G hug! He of course admitted that he KNOWS I love him. Despite the "start" of the drama, it ended up being a special, special moment we shared. By the way... I joined the handbell choir at church.
Feels sort of dorky, but then again... feels SO RIGHT!!!! ha ha


amanda said...

Ok, so this post brought tears to my eyes! I dread when this moment happens with us when Blake says the same words.
(however, i must say that I am happy to know that Luke is just like everyother little boy and has his own "moments of behavior" too. He is so well behaved, I started to worry that Blake was a devil child).
All kidding aside, Luke is a great kid and I love that he and Blake are buddies. Blake said yesterday at lunch, "I saw Luke at Kids Praise today mommy."

crit said...

this is such a sweet and heartbreaking story. i'm so glad you have this blog.. so you can have record of all of these memories! i just hope that blogger is still active when we're in the nursing home!!