September 25, 2009

Photo Shoot

This week I took the kids to get some new photos snapped at a local studio. I do appreciate and enjoy all of the candid styles of photography shots, but I myself am rather traditional- as I like "face forward" & "cheesy smiles"... sorry if it bores you.
(hopefully the photos will be enlarged when you click on them)
Anywho... it took Luke NO TIME to get himself geared up for the shoot. He was all giggles and grins. The best phrase the photographer suggested for him to chant,
Actually pretty gross if you think about it, but it certainly got the job done.
Next up- Lydia
She on the other hand is typically slow to warm up to most strangers. After over half an hour of grumping and whining, she actually cracked a smile. Then fortunately in no time she was flipping puppies around and the photographer managed to get some good ones. Here they are.
At one point she gave Luke a "prop". Needless to say he turned into quite a showman. I myself thought it looked dorky (I can say that, because I'm his mother!), but he was having fun and the pictures do make me laugh. Like Mother, Like Daughter

1 comment:

amanda said...

These are adorable!!!
I love the ones of Luke and his hat!!!
As well as the last one of Lydia!!! That cracks me up!!!