April 30, 2010

A Hink

This post goes along with one of my previous posts
about how Luke's recently been telling me
he'll love me "no matter what I do"
Today, the kids and I drove by Craig
on a run in our neighborhood.
I told them, "I love Daddy!"
Luke repied with, "I love EVERYBODY!
Even Mommy!"  
Why do these statements
make me feel so revolting?!
(funny though)


Also today while watering the plants,
Luke hollered, "there's a hink."

A  hink...?

A  hink...?

OOH!  A KINK!!!!



My kids make my life so fun!

April 28, 2010

Day and Day and Day!

Okay, after approximately a week of having Lydia wear her tu-tu (practically) EVERY place she went - including to sleep,
she "assertively" informed me of her new intention.

Lately SHE reminded ME to grab the skirt to it add to her attire.
I normally was happy to do so.
Today, I offered HER the skirt and then...

she THREW her hands into the air
and with a disgusted look blasted at me,
"I can't wear it

****  Well, DUH!!!
What was a I thinking?!?!!
ha ha
Such a strong-willed child
I have on my hands!

April 25, 2010

No Matter What

Luke has begun to borrow a phrase I use with him.  When he performs some sort of naughty behavior or makes some sort of mistake, I have a line I gladly feed him.  Not until recently do I see a problem with my statement.  He's now quoting it back to me, and not always at a perfect feel-good type of moment:  "Mommy, I love you no matter what you do." UGH
It's harmless enough, but makes me sad to think that there might be times when I am "unlovable".  I may rethink my verbal approach to unconditional love.
As Lydia passed by Luke in our kitchen, he told her, "Phewey! Lydia, you stink!"  I explained to him, "Luke, don't tell her that; it might make her feel sad."   Moments later I walked by her myself and I couldn't help it.  I said, "Man Lydia... you DO stink!"   Great role model I am!  Don't worry, I'm coaching my kids to love me no matter what I do, right!??!
Lydia wanted her nails painted.  I chose hot pink.  Luke wanted to be a funny man and let me paint just one tiny nail of his.  I did.  We both cracked up the whole time.  He quickly presented it to Craig, who responded less than thrilled.  That sent Luke running into the bathroom to WASH it off.  I laughed harder as I heard him saying, "I hate this now!"  He was all too unhappy to find out soap wouldn't do the trick.  I doubt I should worry about him wanting to try out any more gross girly products anytime soon.

April 24, 2010

Martha, The Passenger Pigeon

For years and years, I've visited our Cincinnati Zoo and NEVER ONCE have I stepped inside this wonderful little building to honor sweet, sweet Martha, The LAST Passenger Pigeon!  There is a beautiful memorial set up for her and they've even stuffed her precious, over-worked little birdie body for all to view and pay their respects.

Actually... it completely made me CRACK UP!  I bowed my head in reverence and then laughed aloud at the silliness of the situation.  If you want to read the details, you can click on the below photo to enlarge it for better viewing.
Sweet, Sweet Martha.  You WILL be missed!!!

April 23, 2010

Jammin' to Daddy's COOL Music

Here are the kids dancing to their dad's
BIG boy/girl music.  Way "cooler" than
mommy's lame preschool tunes, I suppose.

ON YOUTUBE!  I may be biased, but I think it's still funny
even if you have to tilt your head sideways!

April 20, 2010

Go, Luke, Go!!!

Today is DAY 1 for Luke with
I guess he was "ready"!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a video of him doin' his thing:

April 19, 2010

The Root Beer Stand

I've been introduced to a new interesting website. http://365cincinnati.com/

It led me to try a new lunch venue with the kids today
11566 Reading Road in Sharonville
Let me quote from the above website.
"So what makes this spot so special? They make their own root beer. And we found it to be mighty tasty. You can buy it by the mug, or by the half gallon or even by the gallon. They even serve it up as root beer floats...
Their food consists of a mix between a concession stand and a diner... They also serve Velvet ice cream and frozen bar type desserts. You can eat in or carry out. They have outdoor seating in the back, as well as a swing set for the kiddos."

April 17, 2010

Roller Derby

We went to see the super exciting
team tonight.  What a blast!
So entertaining and SO FUN!
3041 fans in attendance.
Final Score: Cincinnati 134, St. Louis 68
Craig took some photos, but they were a little blurry (I guess the gals were too speedy) but here's a photo I found to give you an idea of what we saw.
Plus... their names!!!!  What a hoot!
Here's the list of names on the Cincinnati team:
» Beat Rose
» Bex Pistol
» Bombtrack
» Buckhead Betty
» candyKICKass!
» Captain Painway
» Celia Graves
» Cherry Choke
» Diamond Kut-Her
» Dr. McDerby
» Envy MiYoni
» EvilQuenevil
» Flannery O'Slaughter
» Geez Louise
» GiGi Go-Glitter
» GlamourAzz
» Hannah Ouchocinco
» Hop Devil
» Iona Pair
» June with a Cleaver
» Jungle Lacy
» Karma Krash
» Killian Destroy
» Kitten Kicker
» K. Lethal
» Live Wire
» Maime
» Michele D'Bomya
» Mirderher
» Miss Print
» Nik Jagger
» Nuk'em
» Penni Pusha
» Pistolwhippin' Wendy
» Polly Rocket
» Poppy Chulo
» RebelSk8r
» Ruff'n the Passer
» Sadistic Sadie
» Shirley "Carl" Temptya
» Sista Sacralicious
» Sk8 Crime
» Sk8r-Kinney
» Susie Shinsplintski
» The Librarian
» Trauma
» Wheezy

They have a few more home derby nights
in their season if you're interested.
I surely give it 2 thumbs up!

April 11, 2010

Our Week (in photos)

I am finally getting around to unloading photos off of my camera. Here are a few from our trip to the zoo last week.

Saturday, we went to see Mary Poppins in Cincinnati.  The kids were amazing and the show was terrific.  Luke hardly moved a muscle during all 3 hours (minus the 15 minute intermission), and although Lydia shuffled between her seat and our laps- she didn't make a peep.  It was a real treat for them, and for us to see their faces light up at the "magic" of the show!
Today, we went to the Kite Festival in West Chester.  Unfortnately during the time we attended, there was hardly a breeze.  Luke gave it a thumbs down on the entertainment scale.  We DID enjoy a picnic lunch on a blanket near the pond, and of course just being outside was refreshing for ALL of us!
I like this one of the two of them toting their kite.
There was a short bit of time when Luke managed to get his kite in the air.  I LOVE this photo.  It was me trying to be creative with my camera, and I feel like I succeeded!  I think I'll frame it.

April 10, 2010

Mommy Throws Like a Girl

I have a confession.  I feel really bad about it, too.
During dinner at Bob Evans today, Lydia made#2 in her diaper.  Craig and I agreed that this stink bomb couldn't travel with us on the 30 minute drive home, so I changed her in the car before we pulled away.  I spotted dumpsters behind the restaurant, and being a smarty pants- I decided I'd just drive by and toss it in one.

This is really a stupid story, however bear with me...

So as I putted closeby the gated-in dumpsters, holding the steering wheel with my right hand, I akwardly hurled the dirty diaper with my LEFT arm out my window.
It was... like... THE WORST THROW  E V E R ! ! !
I was cracking up the whole time.  A funny part was that I threw it super hard, and it smacked the fencing, then fell to the ground.  (it's important that I tell you I'm quite good at rolling up soiled diapers and tacking them closed, so no yucky stuff is exposed)

Craig was cracking up.  I was laughing.  The kids were speechless and confused.  Craig hollars, "MOMMY THROWS LIKE A GIRL!"   I laughed even harder.  Meanwhile, our car was still coasting by the dumpsters.  It all happened so quickly, and before I knew it I was driving away and heading toward an intersection.  I regretfully had left the diaper on the ground.  I felt so bad about it; I really wanted to turn around and pick it up.
Craig was still cracking up and then tells me,
"Blog About THAT, Nancy!"
ha ha  Nancy... as in "nancy pants"... as in "sissy"

Possibly this was a "had to be there" moment,
but it WAS super funny
(Minus the littering part!- I truly feel bad about that!!!!!)

Dirty Clothes

April 7, 2010

Fending For Themselves

Yesterday evening when Craig came home from work,  I was upstairs folding laundry, and the kids were playing in the living room.  Craig told me that when he walked in the door and greeted the kids, Lydia announced,  "Mom's at the store."
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
He told her,  "No, I think she's upstairs."
She replied,  "No.  She's shopping."

So funny that she would actually believe I would leave them all alone. 
Seldom does a day go by when I can't quote one of my children!  I just love their every move!

April 5, 2010

Sister For Sale

Lydia is in a phase of hitting. It's frustrating. Luke is most often the "target" of this behavior.

So just now, once again...
she whacked him.
I coached her to apologize and once again
tell him, "I won't do it again."

I then made the statement to Luke, "I don't know why she's doing that to you, and I'm sorry."

He replied,
"Maybe we should just give her to another family."

*** there are no words ***

April 3, 2010

Wind and a Weirdo

Today we headed out to our local community park for an Easter egg hunt.  It was terribly windy and a smidge rainy.  The kids had fun nonetheless.  I missed some excitement at home though...  Craig told me our neighbor's trampoline was thrust into the air, flew over the fence and smacked against another neighbor's house. YIKES! 
Here's something I DID witness:   SUPER GROSS!!! I actually couldn't help but feel totally sad that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will have to clean this nastiness.
Plus everything came together this week as planned while Craig was home for Spring Break.  Everything you see here was NOT here a week ago.  YAY for us!
 The trellis/wall thing is completely homemade by this guy!!!! (He's a weirdo, but a true handy-man!)

Gummy Donuts

Tonight I smashed an egg over my 13 year old nephew's head.  I did do it on purpose, but I THOUGHT IT WAS HARD BOILED!  He wanted to play a trick on ME, but it certainly backfired.  He had dyed a raw egg to mix in with the hard boiled eggs.  In the front of over a dozen friends and family, he set it up and was hoping I would attempt to crack the egg to eat it.  Thinking back, I recall several of my family members knowingly watched and waited as I carried the prank egg around the deck.  Then my nephew, who frequently attempts to fool me somehow, taunted me until I wanted to just knock him on the head to ultimately crack the egg a bit to peel and eat He obviously ducked and dodged me.  I honestly had no idea it was a raw eggI moved faster and SMASH... yolk smeared into his hair and dripped down his face.
H I L A R I O U S ! ! !
My claim is that I'm SO GLAD I didn't actually know it was raw, because it truly was an accident, therefore I DON'T HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY!  It got a good laugh- of course the LOUDEST laugh came out of MY mouth.  I'm just SO glad the joke ended up NOT being ON ME!  

Luke told us he was thrilled that part of his Easter candy bag this evening included "gummy donuts".  I was confused at this peculiar sounding candy, but didn't think about it too much UNTIL I noticed the wrapper later  GUMMY LIFESAVERS!!
Gummy DONUTS!  ha ha

I had to head to the doctor's today with Lydia.  Fever of 103 degrees.  BOOOOOOO!!!!!  She has a nasty sore throat, and it's supposedly a virus that needs to "run its course".  Fine by me, but during the drive home she was super miserable and cried out for me over and over.  She desperately wanted out of her carseat and asked for me to hold her.  This is what she told me, "I want to hold you Mommy, SOOO MUCH."  Bless her little heart!