August 29, 2009

Cycles and Strollers

Today was a beautiful day... with a capital "B"! Lots of sunshine and a perfect cool breeze.
We decided to take advantage.
Luke's anxious to get rid of his training wheels, so he's been getting lots hours in on his bike. Lydia chose her "papaw doll" (her new doll from Papaw Myers) to get a somewhat smooth ride in the stroller. Lydia didn't miss a step in her stylish shoes either.
The clickety-clack of her heels rose a few eyebrows as she strutted down the sidewalk.
After our adventure the kids had treats. Craig wouldn't smile as usual, and Luke's trying even harder these days to be his clone. SO SAD for me and our photo albums!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

August 28, 2009

For The Love Of Music

Today the kids and I had wonderful time meeting our friends Christy & 2 year old, Lily, at Harvest Home park. The kids ran their hearts out until they were red in the face and dripping with sweat (gross, I know).
It was a super fun!
Then Christy and I back at her house rehearsed... that's right, "rehearsed" for our upcoming debut at West Park Retirement Community. A long time ago, she and I spent many hours playing piano and singing at whatever venue would allow us- i.e. school, nursing homes, church.
Well, we've been missing those days AND MEMORIES, and as it turns out Christy's great Aunt Genie has recently extended an invitation! SO, today we played our hearts out in practice of all of our favorites tunes, sifting through song after song to include only the very best. I'm excited to schedule a date soon... as it is a blessing to US to share our passion for music and to be in the presence of such amazing folks!!!

August 26, 2009

Lydia on her 2nd birthday...

with big brother, Luke,

and with Papaw Myers.

Here are Luke & Lydia's tie dyed finished projects...
with help from

Aunt Gina,


and myself.

August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lydia! You Are Loved!

Well today my baby turned two years old. As any parent can empathize, we wonder where the time has gone.
This past weekend we were able to celebrate with my family (see below), but tonight's "celebration" was much more intimate and serene. This past spring Lydia lost her sweet grandma suddenly and in our opinion...
It has been just about the most difficult and heartbreaking experience we've ever encountered. Charlotte doted on the grandkids like every parent hopes a grandma would do. Missing her is inexplicable, however their Papaw has stepped it up big time! He's definitely becoming a hero to the kids. Lydia simply adores him, and yay for him because he found the most perfect new doll as a present! She immediately went to work hugging and kissing her new baby. A perfect gift.
Even more special... he discovered some new outfits bought and tucked away from their precious "Mimi", and in her honor brought them out and presented her contribution. I'm glad too, as hard as it was to stomach in a way.
Charlotte must live on in our actions and our words. It is the only way I see that my little Lydia has any chance at remembering the special lady she once knew.
Happy Birthday Lydia! You are LOVED!!!!

August 23, 2009

Tie Dyed Toes

What a fun, fun evening my family had yesterday celebrating birthdays! Pizza brought by Trisha from Marco's (YUMMY!), cookies made by Michael (YUMMY!), and the best surprise EVER... some great party crashers- Aunt Pat, Jay, Maggie, and MASON! This was a real treat! Plus Mason's just as cute as can be these days! And other than cheerful squeals, we hardly heard a peep from of him all evening. He's a gem! I have to comment too that Jay & Maggie are the most adoring parents! Bravo!
On the agenda was an adventurous project-
We made TIE DYE t-shirts! That's right... we allowed the kiddos to be within 10 feet of PERMANENT coloring!!
Grandpa and Gina were hands on, as was I. We all have sprinkles of color on our hands to prove it.
The kids managed to do well (minus poor Jay) keeping their clothes speckle-free, but I neglected to think ahead about bare feet!!!! See proof of Luke & Lydia's little piggies... I think this color will be here to stay for awhile.
Thanks family- for a great time!

August 22, 2009

This past week we went to Newport Aquarium with some fun friends. It was an awesome time!

Blake & Luke are great pals!
McKenna & Lydia were practically twins!

Birthday Extravaganza!!!!
My niece requested we have our traditional birthday bash for our late summer birthdays. This year that includes my little Lydia (8/24) turning TWO!!!! My niece, Kira (9/6) turning 9, and my dad (9/11) turning... shhh!!!! Actually he's a pretty young... for an OLD guy.
It's my honor to always create their individual birthday cakes. I'm a little out of practice, but had fun nonetheless.
I just hope they're gobbled up by everyone with smiles on their faces.
Activities will also include TIE DYEING shirts!
Wish us luck for a successful project!

(My dad is a Harry Potter fan, as are the grandkids.
He'll be their "hero" for having a HP cake!)
By the way... this is my first attempt at "blogging".