July 8, 2010

Summer Break

I need a break, so I'm taking it.

I have so many stories to share, but I want to tell you that I'm NOT going to... well at least PROBABLY NOT going to be blogging until we're back to some sort of normal schedule and routine.  I just thought I'd write this post in case you take your time regularly to check if I've updated.  I plan to start it up again in the fall, so check back then if you'd like.


July 2, 2010

Giant Baby Dolls

Today at Kings Island, the kids had a chance to meet and hug some of The Peanuts Gang.
They were ALL there...
Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally...
Often, Lydia fearfully hesitates when introduced to these gigantor costumed characters -
but this time was different.
She SMILED with excitement when she laid eyes on Lucy and Sally.  She sweetly exclaimed, "Giant Baby Dolls!"   ha ha  She eagerly walked right up and gave each of them a big, snuggly hug!! It was so cute!