May 28, 2010

Three Flips for T-Ball

After Luke's t-ball game, he desperately wanted to show Craig his new trick.  He can run across the yard and FLIP into the pool.  We didn't even make him wait to change into swim trunks.  YEE-HAW! We're livin' it up hillbilly style!
(Oh, what the neighbors must think?!)

Then again, I don't CARE what the neighbors think.

I have a happy family- and selfishly, that's all that matters!

May 27, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Luke warned Lydia as she stood on a high spot that she better come down or else she would fall off and her "head would crack and have to be drilled back together!"
WHAT?!?!!!!  That sounds HORRIBLE!

May 26, 2010

My Other Blog

FYI - I have still been keeping up with my other blog.... ( - the one where I post one picture every single day.  You can often find up-to-date photos of our daily happenings on that site.  Typically it's where I post photos that are good, but don't have a story to accompany.

May 23, 2010

Craig's Wanna-be

I gave Luke a haircut this evening.  I trimmed it pretty short- a "summer do".  He likes it though, and here's how I know.

Luke: "I want to have hair like daddy's someday." 
Me: "Short?"
Luke: "Yes. And  grayish."
Me:  "HA HA HA HA Craig, did you HEAR that?!?!"
Craig: "Yes. I heard that."

May 20, 2010

That's Not My Child

Tonight the kids and I went to cheer on their cousin in a "big boy" baseball game.  I couldn't help but feel terribly distracted by the 1st baseman for the other team.  This poor 8 year old had to pee more than I've ever seen ANYONE have to pee!!!!  It felt like the inning went on forEVER as he tried all the tricks in the book to "hold it".  He pinched.  He crossed his legs.  He bent over.  He walked around.  He grimaced.  He pinched some more.
It was AWFUL!
Then his team switched from fielding, and the poor kid was up to bat right away and couldn't run to the bathroom just yet.  Good news though- he had a super strong and awesome hit!  I imagine his adrenaline was pumping as he tried not to whiz in his trousers on the field, and quite possibly he had his best hit EVER!
But then... he had to take his position on a base and desperately "hold it" a little longer until he was batted in.  Needless to say there was more pinching going on!  It was quite a spectacle!
Where were his parents?  Surely they noticed the rather obvious signs!   Maybe they didn't want to admit they were related.
In the end, he DID get a free moment to sneak to the restrooms, and he finished the game with dry britches and no more pinches!

May 19, 2010


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Where's Matt?

You may have already seen or heard of this guy, but he's super cool- so I had to share!  What a fun idea!

Plus, here's his website if you want to learn more.

May 16, 2010


This weekend we traveled for Luke to compete in Indiana's State Judo ChampionshipHe did AWESOME!  He won 2nd place out of 8 boys in his age/weight group.  He won 3 of 5 matches (the two he lost were to the same boy- the 1st place winner).

We were very proud and Luke seemed to thoroughly enjoy his experience!  If you're interested, you can click the youtube links below to watch each match.  You may want to advance past the first portion of each video as Luke had to patiently wait for his opponents to be ready.

Congratulations, Luke!  Your hard work paid off!!!!
"Judo"n't know who you're messing with... right?!?!!"

Match 1: win #1- a great finish by Luke!

Match 2: loss #1, against the 1st place winner

Match 3: win #2 with a strong pin by Luke

Match 4: loss #2, against the 1st place winner- again

Match 5: win #3 finishing with a perfect throw

May 15, 2010

Kings Island

Friday I took the kids to Kings Island for the first time this season.  It was super fun!
Luke's very daring (hmmm... I wonder where he gets that?!)
and we enjoyed a couple thrilling rides.
Here is before and after The Beastie.  



Unfortunately Lydia is too short to ride ALL of the rides she'd like, but there are plenty to keep her happy.  Here is a fun photo.  I realize it's a bit blurry, but even still it is PURE JOY!

May 11, 2010

Don't Forget Your Helmet

A couple days ago, Papaw Myers told Luke he'd attend one of his t-ball games this week.  Papaw mentioned he could bring along his baseball glove in case the team could use another player.  Luke took this very seriously and added,
"If you have a helmet, bring that too."  
Needless to say, Papaw and I got a good laugh.
P.S.  THIS is what Lydia thinks of t-ball.

May 10, 2010

May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day

This morning, Luke delivered a Mother's Day card to me. It had handprints stamped inside (a tradition Craig started before Luke was one) as their signatures. Lydia wanted something to hand over also, but hers was a previously opened card from my sister. It was nice though as she added her, "Happy Mother's, Mom!"
I chuckled as I watched them walk away until within a minute, Lydia turned around and marched right back over to me. She said, "I want to keep your card, Mom," with her hand stretched out. That stinker.

On the way home from church, we got into a family discussion about how fun Craig can be. I asked Luke to tell me what he likes about Daddy. He didn't hesitate long before spitting out a few of his favorite things about his dad. Craig attempted to shift the conversation. He mentioned that being Mother's Day- let's say things we love about MOMMYAwww..... right?!?!!!
Then the bomb dropped. Luke answered,
"Hmmmm. This is a hard one."  Boo Hoo wept my heart.

During dinner we played a game we sometimes play. It's called MAD, GLAD, SAD. To play everyone takes a turn naming things about their day that made them mad, glad, and sad. It prompts great conversation. Tonight the final round was to name something GLAD about your day. Mine was that I was still able to successfully do back flips on my parents' trampoline. SUPER COOL!!
Then Luke's GLAD melted my heart. Truly, an incredible answer.
He said his GLAD is that today was a day about mothers and he feels happy that it made ME (his MOM) feel happy. I welled up with tears and thanked him for his kind words. I then quickly changed my GLAD to being- hearing him tell me his GLAD.

What a wonderful day!

May 8, 2010

"Judo"n't Know

"Judo"n't  know who you're messing with!

This is what Craig has taught and encouraged Luke to say to intimidate his opponents.  It's actually just a funny joke we use around the house, especially when Lydia chimes in.

So, today Luke competed in the Ohio Judo State Championship, his very first tournament.
He did really, really well!!!!
He was super strong and never gave up. Plus, he LOVED it!  Of course, I was the one ready to vomit in the corner from nerves. 

Wouldn't you HATE to go up against
this tough guy??!!?!?!
(that's a snarl he's giving ya')

May 7, 2010

Truckin' Along

Luke and I are leaving in the early hours of the morning tomorrow to head to the Ohio State Judo Competition. Yes, Luke's competing! Lydia's having a "big girl" overnight with some dear friends. Craig is running a few races in the next couple months.
I might have some funny stories
after these adventures.

For now though, life's just truckin' along.
We're outside every day enjoying the weather.  We talk walks.  We eat meals on our new patio.  We go to the park so Luke can ride his bike and Lydia can ride her scooter.  We go swimming at the YMCA.  We're spending time with our friends.  We are getting to know some of the neighbor kids.

We've created a life that I
always dreamed our kids could live.

Life Is Good *** We Are Blessed