September 7, 2009

Silliness = Smiles

I'm convinced... all it takes is a teeny bit of silliness
and you'll have HUGE AMOUNTS
of smiles (and giggling) bursting EVERYWHERE!
I don't have much to write about
our evening, but I do have photos...
L O T S O F T H E M ! ! !
If you click the small photos, they should
allow you see an enlarged copy.
and so you know... the "diaper hat" was Lydia's idea
I threw this video on here too, because TO ME... it's priceless!!! I had Luke playing "airplane" on my feet. I used my toes to tickle his armpits, which sent him into a frenzy of giggles.
The end of the clip is funny TO ME, because YOU'LL see some random dark object flying toward the camera. What you DON'T KNOW is that it's my dog, Gilligan, pouncing directly on my face, because even HE was having too much fun! It did hurt though- boo hoo

FUN FACT: Smiling only uses 13 muscles. Frowning uses 64!


Children will often forget what you said or did for them, but rarely do they forget how you made them feel.

Laugh everyday. It's like inner jogging.

Don't ask God for a lighter load, but yet ask for a stronger back.

We are far too blessed to be stressed or depressed.

Expect that however good or bad a situation is... it will change.


Service become Slavery

Crown become a Cross

Joy become a Job

Blessings become Burdens

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


Christi said...

Oooooh Betsy - my FAVORITE post so far! Such great photos - and the video? I was giggling just watching it. :) And then the quotes at the end.... LOVED everything! Such a good Mama you are xxooxxoo

crit said...

HA!!!! luke's laughter is CONTAGIOUS!

(i must admit though.. i also laughed my butt off knowing that was gilligan jumping on your head!)

btw... my word verification is "tubchie"... my new nickname for lukey!

amanda said...

HAHA!! I love the video and Lukes laugh!!
Too cute!