September 3, 2009


Luke started PRE-K this week. He LOVES it! His teacher, Miss Amanda, told me he "fit right in". I knew he would though. He's really outgoing and seriously couldn't wait to break away from ME!
I take no offense though... I was GLAD for our separation.
The only sadness I feel is that time IS truly fluttering right by us. Luke will be FIVE soon. To think I've been a mother for five years- YIKES!!! You'd think that after five years of practicing parenting, I'd be PERFECT?!?!?!! If I practiced 24/7 for five years at anything else, I'd be a professional! Oh well. I guess I'll consider motherhood to be more like a hobby to enjoy rather than a sport to master. And boy do I enjoy it!!
Although with hobbies, don't you sometimes get to upgrade to new equipment and supplies. Some days I suppose I DO wish for NEW children... or at the very least, can I get a swap?
Someone? Anyone? NO???
I guess I'm stuck with the original models then.
No cash for my clunkers.
That's okay. I'll keep them.
I'm used to the way they operate.

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