September 24, 2009

Lookin' Good

Lookin' Good!!!!
Craig is at last healing up nicely.
3 weeks after his injury and the bruising and
swelling is finally starting to disintegrate!
Yesterday... his first visit with a physical therapist.
He shared with me that for the very first time, he truly and genuinely wanted to punch a person in the face! As she spent a few minutes MASSAGING the swollen and tender areas, he described that he twitched and writhed around from pain. It didn't stop her.
The good news...
after the pain subsided, he felt much relief.
Swelling disappeared throughout the rest of the day. YEAH!!!!
He'll go twice a week for a couple weeks,
then we'll see where he's at.
The task in hand... she measured his range of motion.
His GOOD foot can flex to a degree of 13
(toe aiming up toward his face).
His bad foot... -7°, yes that's right,
Turning his ankle inward? Good foot 41°. Bad foot 11°
He's determined though, so with the appointments and
homework exercises I expect a quickER road to recovery now.

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