February 28, 2010

Wonder Woman

I DID IT!!!!
I stuck with it for over a week and had lots of exchanges and help from tech support lines.  Ultimately, our computer is HEALED!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!
Plus, minus the year license we bought for new anti-virus software, I didn't have to pay any "geeks" an arm and a leg to fix our problem.  Not that I don't think they would be helpful! I just didn't want to fork over the big bucks for the assistance.  I'm glad I had faith in my tech skills, because in the end I WON!!!!  YAY ME!
NOTE: I am not being mean by using the word "geek" in my post.  If case you're not familiar, Best Buy calls their tech guys the GEEK SQUAD.  That was my reference.  I just wanted to explain this.


Michelle Prather said...

LOL! First of all, you ROCK! second of all...the captcha that I'm required to copy so the computer doesn't think I'm unreal... is *sperm*. JUST saying.

crit said...

michelle - g r o d y.

my word is "pudoyse". :S