February 15, 2010

Silly Nillies

I made semi-homemade donuts this morning (thanks for the idea, Amanda G.) and the kiddies gobbled up a bunch of them!  We DID have leftovers though... here they are.
Feel free to pull on your 'big girl' snow pants
and slide on over to share some!
Y * U * M * M * Y

A couple days ago, Luke told me he was,
"cold as South America."   He cracks me up at the new phrases he's attempting to piece together.

Lydia caught a glance when we changed at the
YMCA this week.  She announced LOUDLY,
"Mommy, I see your BUNS!"
I was so embarrassed, because let me tell you...
there were PLENTY of people within earshot.
So, "Hey Lydia! I SEE YOUR BUNS!"
A good friend (Jeff L.) regularly sends me great quotes, jokes and cartoons.  I especially liked the one for today:

Lastly, here's a link to a video taken just yesterday of my silly nillies!

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