February 20, 2010

Bombs Away

Okay... an update about my little Lydia. She's not so little anymore! YAY You may know, she's had a slow start and for her first nearly two years of life, she was a pukey pukerson. Yes, she barfed... OFTEN! Not just spit-up, but true vomit. Gross, I know, but at least YOU weren't the one cleaning it up every single day.
It was horrible, and my heart broke for her teeny little body.

SOOO now, after a few specialists, many diagnostic tests, and a handful of treatment plans- I think we've got her fixed! She's been off ALL meds for over a week now, and is doing perfectly! She's up to a whopping 22 pounds, and she's stretching out like a little bean stalk. It's a super exciting thought that she might be able grow like a healthy child now, and without any intervention!

Can you tell I'm excited about this!??!!
 So, here's a wonderful "related" photo I dug out for you.
 NOTE: My kids may be SO ANGRY at me someday for letting all of these photos surface; I just hope you forget about them before they grow old enough to care that they've been exploited.

Okay, so back to this photo...

Luke was NOT a spitty baby. Maybe an occasional dribble, but nothing outstanding. Except ONE TIME. One very MEMORABLE and completely NOTEWORTHY time. I fed him (probably OVERFED him) and as Craig held him, he supposedly made a strange breathy noise. Craig, fearing what might happen next, turned Luke to face away from his chest and then "BOMBS AWAY!" Funnily enough, even before my 'blogging' days began, I expected my family to hold frozen in ridiculous scenarios so I could grab my camera! It was extremely impressive all that burst out and splattered on the floor AND WALL. It was immense and I can only imagine- a GIGANTOR relief to his little baby belly!
We appropriately titled this photo,
hee  hee  heeeeeeeee


Michelle Prather said...

Nasty. Flat out NASTY! But I"m thrilled to hear about little Lydia who is now... big girl Lydia!

crit said...

G R O D Y , yet absolutely hilarious!!

seriously though, figuring out how to help sweet lydia is such a relief, i'm sure. so so happy for all of you, especially her. can you even imagine how awful that was for her to puke that much? ugh. love that little girl!