February 4, 2010

Exploring... BOONSHOFT style

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

This is a terrific children's museum in Dayton, Ohio!!! We headed up there this week and enjoyed over four hours of educational playtime.
Sounds exhilarating, right?
Truly though… there are SO MANY ways to discover there! And ALL hands on!

Tons of make-believe environments (grocery store, boating, animal hospital, recycling station, landfill site, Lego construction, water station, fossil dig, climbing/slide tower, on and on and on). We visited nearly every area as the kids let their imaginations (and bodies) run wild!!
They were just so stinkin’ excited!

Side Note: I think I got a glimpse of what this summer might be like when we’re out and about at our favorite FUN places (Kings Island, The Zoo, etc.) See… Lydia is old enough to want to be OUT of the stroller, yet Luke is used to leading the way.
My peripheral vision got a workout-
to say the least!

Here are photos that captured my adventurers.
(you may be able to click individual photos to see them enlarged)

Crazy Static!
Luke's a real whiz if your DUCK is ever ill!

There's a cool TREEHOUSE wing,
for nature lovers and bird watching!
I had a little mishap at the water table.
There's FUN room with a huge digital color wall. You dance around to rockin' tunes and your silhouette is projected onto the wall in psychedelic patterns.

Lastly, we chose to enjoy a movie in their Planetarium Theater. It told the story behind the song “Follow the Drinking Gourd”-
an old slave song.
See... the words of this song echoed through the cotton fields, and as it turns out- it secretly described the map of the Underground Railroad. The chorus including the line “Follow the Drinking Gourd” was to instruct families to follow the big dipper, pointing to the North Star, in the night sky to lead them safely to Canada.
It was cool to hear the history and the song, and it was catchy enough that Luke sang it
LOUDLY and PROUDLY all the way to the car.

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