January 27, 2010

My Meathead

I crack up when I watch reruns of All in the Family.  With Archie & Edith Bunker - one of my favorite sitcom couples EVER!!!!!  Despite the front they put on of nonsensical insensitivity, they obviously deeply care for one another!
Another relationship on that show involved
Archie and "Meathead"... REMEMBER?
Well, Luke got a little creative during lunch with one of his favorite meals...
it made me think of that term of endearment.
Here's MY little "Meathead"!!!!
***keep in mind- my camera wasn't exactly close by,
so by the time I took this photo, the meat became
grossly warm from his cheek heat.
GUESS WHAT THOUGH??? He ATE it anyway!
made me laugh

1 comment:

crit said...

all i keep thinking about it the leftover salami residue on his cheeks and eyes as he was eating them.

g r o d y !