January 17, 2010

Tubing Time

Saturday we went TUBING at Perfect North Slopes.

Luke spent most of his enery flopping around on the tubes while we were in line... more time upside down than on his feet.  I admit I had a few (ungraceful) spills too.  Plus I did my very BEST to knock Craig off his feet.  It was a great time with GREAT friends!

Here we have our Marisa & her boyfriend Zack,
the family for which I babysit,
my sister Gina & her daughter Hope,
and Craig, Luke & myself.

Here was PART of our "chain"

Here's Ben!!  Can you tell he loved it?!

Here's something I learned... PERFECT North Slopes
 is actually named for a family with the last name "Perfect"
I NEVER GUESSED THAT!   Cool to know

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