January 4, 2010

Back To Bloggin'

I'm back!!!
Or at least I THINK I'm ready to
fit blogging into my schedule again!

Here are some incidences over the last couple of weeks that I might have normally "blogged" about...

I decided for the first time EVER to use my "self-cleaning" oven feature. I'm typically an Easy Off oven cleaner kind of gal, but I attempted this new technique anyway. Midway through I called my mom in a panic, because there were flames a foot high in my oven and smoke was POURING out of the vents! ACK!!! As we discussed what actions I should take, the flames dissipated and I was simply left with a super stinky smell- leading me to OPEN MY WINDOWS in 20 degree weather! DRAMA  DRAMA  DRAMA
Know this too, that I keep an up-to-date extinguisher stocked in my kitchen, because sadly this isn't the first time I've caused an indoor bonfire!

I'm certainly no "Betsy" Crocker!

I overheard Luke talking with Lydia while he was riding his bike around his Papaw’s basement. He told her, “When you stop falling off of your bike, it means you've figured out the BIKING SYSTEM.” I personally have never referred to cycling as a “system”, but I suppose there MUST be some sort of rational process to it.
It was cute.

Lydia attempted to pour REAL pink lemonade into her TOY baby bottle to feed her new dolly. You can guess that all it did was result in a huge sticky puddle all over the floor.
---As if I don’t have enough messes around the house right now to clean up. UGH! 

Lately I’ve been so impressed and proud of Luke as he’s attempting to add super big words to his vocabulary. He of course is simply regurgitating what he’s hearing around him. Craig especially has had to be more cautious with his sarcastic and sometimes unsophisticated choice of descriptors. Craig likes to (jokingly) scold me with a “Woman!” every now and then. Well don’t you know, Luke’s tried to join in on that one much to my dismay! CRAIG is having to be the one working on correcting this one! Grrrr!!!!!! Luke did make me chuckle especially hard the other day though as he combined two different expressions- He said, “I’m hopesoing that we can...”
You know what he means?
He’s HOPING that we can…
Are we going to…? He HOPES SO!!!



Also, I want to share a (big) handful of photos. I certainly have many to choose from. Digital cameras and reasonably priced prints are a blessing and a curse!!!!!
FYI: I think you can click on the photos if you want to see them larger.

Luke needed a new bank...
VOILA! BIG BOY to the rescue

My Family! YAY!

Here's Craig trying to sabotage my photos...  AGAIN!

We went to downtown Cincinnati to watch
Santa scale down the Macy's building.  FUN.
Well... COLD, but FUN!

Lydia's new flapper dress!

Luke's Marble Race Tower and Bow & Arrow

Lydia's matching dress for her and a dolly

Lydia exhausted on Christmas Day!

Monkey Bread on Christmas morning
for all of my MONKEYS

Luke received a really cool mosaic set!

Lydia lovin' more dolly time.
I just don't know WHERE she gets her
outstanding mothering skills! (wink)

Don't they actually look
like they get along??!?!?!!!

All Luke asked for was a
Paddleball for Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Papaw!

Now, where's the snow?!?!

Their Christmas Eve PJs

More smiles.

More of Lydia's favorites...  from SNOW WHITE

You know they're growing up when they start sticking their tongue out for the camera.  UGH

That's (finally) all, folks!

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the5rauches said...

So cute and stinkin' hilarious! Love the oven experience! I have never tried the self cleaning function, and now I never will! Great blog! Made my day.