January 9, 2010

My Girly Girl

Lydia loves everything girly!
These days, I can't
take my eyes OFF her!!

AT LEAST she's attempting to use
things the correct way though.
I'm just glad she didn't poke
her eye out with the mascara wand!


amanda said...

How Cute!!!
I totally see this being Mckenna, she gets into all my stuff all the time!

Michelle Prather said...

omg..I bet the mascara was more difficult to get off than her trying to put it on! LOL

Betsy Myers said...

Thank you, Michelle, for mentioning this part!!! It was AWFUL!!!! It's "waterproof", so she had gigantic black shadows all over her face as I tried to rub it off. I had to give up, and Craig finished later in the day, because she was too upset. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!