November 11, 2009

Our Favorite Place

of LIBERTY TOWNSHIP rated CINCINNATI'S #1 GYMNASTICS FACILITY for 2009 by Cincinnati Family Magazine. WOO HOO Just about OUR favorite place to go... EVER! We never leave without a giant smile and I - as a mother - an overflowing feeling of satisfaction and pride! This is where Luke has been involved in karate for nearly a year. Week after week, we watch as the instructors teach him chops and kicks along with gymnastic skills, sports skills, and always always always through the most exciting and typically entertaining (for the parent audience) techniques a child (and parent) can only dream of experiencing. Each week... lots of praises, high fives, hugs and plenty of laughter! So for Luke's 5th birthday last month, we couldn't think of a better place to celebrate but The Little Gym. Ms. Jenna and Mr. Josh were the perfect team to create a remarkably memorable party! Mr. Josh "SLAMMING THE CHEESE" Each guest took a turn at this. Even I gave it a try. Surprised?!?! probably not, right? WHAT A HOOT! I can't say enough about this city's best kept secret! I hope if it's appropriate for your family, that you can check it out. They offer free trial classes and have a terrific reward program! I obviously have EVERYTHING great to say about it!!! This is my shameless plug!!! PS Thank You to TLG Staff!!!! and Thank You to my sister, Trisha, for her excellent photography skills and willingness to share!


crit said...

seriously... one of the BEST birthday parties i've ever been to. what a fun day!

amanda said...

This was such a fun day!!!
Glad we could be a part of it.

Mr. Josh said...

You sure got Mr. Josh all teared up reading this posting! I think a mix of the kind words, wonderful pictures, and the music is enough to get anyone choked up!!! :-)
I can't wait to pass this on to our staff, we love having your family at The Little Gym!