November 18, 2009

Babies Having Babies

Tonight at dinner, I removed Lydia's shirt- as I often do when we're having "messy" food.  It showed that her tummy-tum-tum is starting to pooch out.  Now- if you've met her in person, you know she's a teeny little thing.  We've had a slow grow start, but after some diagnostic (BORING) stuff this year and some pharmaceutical intervention... SHE'S GROWING!  FINALLY, she has a healthy appetite and is starting to beef up a bit! 

SOOOO  back to this evening: we giggled at the sight of her bulging baby belly,
and then Luke boldy announces,
"I think Lydia's going to have a baby soon."
I burst out laughing, and yes-
seasoned my dinner with some saliva sprinkles!!!
(did I hear an "eewww!"???    COME ON!
Like you've never had drink fly from your mouth mid-cackle!)

Anyway, I could hardly contain myself,
and WISH I would have grabbed the camera! 

It did indeed look like a little preggo pixie sitting there.  Oh My!  Then we had to quickly steer
Luke away from the reason WHY Lydia CAN'T be having a baby.  UGH   
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