November 9, 2009

Enjoyin' The Ride

Well... I've had trouble taking my own advice lately.
I must admit. I've had too definitely
"look harder" this past week.
(see my last blog)
Last week on Wednesday, my day started as normal... had a great day starting with school work for both Luke and Lydia... and then babysitting for the dear family I've spent over 2 years caring for. Then I stopped by my sister's to drop off some silver that belonged to our grandparents, gave some hugs and on our way. I just wanted to stop by the bank and get some milk before heading home for dinner and CRASH! I smashed my car!
Let the drama begin.
It took a few days of hanging my head in shame... well not really, because my neck was sore, but I then decided I was going to make my days happy again.
No sense in moping around, right?
It started with a hug. A LONG embrace with the man I love. Then it turned into our family members taking turns listing 10 things we were grateful for. Even Lydia joined in! She's happy for her baby dolls, and her DADDY! among other things. I let her and Luke come up with their own list. It was remarkable to see their little hearts announcing with pride what they love.
So then the weekend rolled in. Sunday we attended with my father-in-law a memorial service sponsored by Hospice of Cincinnati in honor of my mother in law. It was lovely and Craig and I agree that it's nice to have a designated time to pause and just remember. It hurts to remember sometimes, so it's often easier to just stay busy and not make time to feel sad. We were reminded that it's healing though in a way to have those emotions surface!
So now today even still without a car, my days are back to some normalcy. We started our day with some more school work and then our fun friends Christy and Lily visited.
Life is moving on, and so am I. It's so cliche', but I love the description of life as a roller coaster. It really is... and if it means you have to have the DOWNS to appreciate the UPS, then I'll take them all!!!!
Lastly, a quote I borrowed from a wise (and happy) gal:
The happiest people don't have everything;
they make the best of everything.

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amanda said...

Betsy, how did I miss that this happend? I said something to Nate and he said, "Yea I knew that!" Where have I been? I hope that things are going better this week for you.