November 11, 2009

Heavy Huggies

Today, I pulled laundry from the washing machine and found that a CLEAN (it's NOT GROSS) pull-up diaper that had slipped in along with our clothes. I was astounded to find out just exactly how much these suckers would hold!!! I weighed it and it weighed just around 3 pounds!!!! Can you believe that?
That's almost 15% of Lydia's body weight!
Calculate that for yourself! What if you carried 15% of your body weight around IN YOUR BRITCHES!!!!!!!!!! I was cracking up SO MUCH about it, that I decided to share some photos comparing a fresh new one and one that is SOAKED TO THE MAX.
Plus... Luke never experimented this way, but we might have some trouble with Lydia's curiosity. She stuck Captain Hook's sword up her nose this morning. At least it wasn't Peter Pan's knife which is a third of length. That would have been a whole different problem. I doubt in that circumstance I would have told her to FREEZE so I could... grab the camera. ... or maybe I would! hee hee

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