November 2, 2009

Blast From The Past

Today was a total
- - -
and not just for ME!
My friend, Christy, and I went to West Park Retirement Home and put on a musical show for the residents. We had done this a handful of times when we were much younger and had much more free time, but it's been awhile!
Christy's great aunt Gene and my dear aunt Mary were both present, which was an especially wonderful treat for us.
We chose songs that are decades old and for more than half of the performance, we had a whole room of lovely people singing along and tapping their elderly toes.
It blessed me beyond words!
I was reminded about how remarkable it can feel to be selfless.
I want to work harder at that!

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crit said...

today was such a wonderful day. i can't think of anyone i would have had more fun with! thanks again for all of your work.

now get to work on transposing For the Beauty of the Earth already.. sheesh! LMRHO!