March 28, 2011

Use It or Lose It

Guess what we did this weekend!!!!!
Yep... that's MY foot!!!!!!

We ALL hit the floor at Skatetown USA.  Lydia did awesome as Craig and I took turns pushing her around like a lawn mower. 
 Luke had a little trouble finding his balance, but it's just his nature to want to be perfect the first time around. 
 By the end though, he was a happy camper.

And I personally am thrilled that  I  didn't completely wipe out.  Not even once did my tushie touch the floor!  There was one second when I first stood up that I had to throw my hands wildly into the air grabbing for an ounce of dignity, but nope- I didn't actually fall down.  THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  All I have to say is ROLLER SKATING is NOT like RIDING A BIKE!!!!! This is a skill that if you don't use it, you totally lose it!
That being said though... by the end of our fun, I loved it so much that I went a few times around the rink all by myself.  YEEHAW!!!!

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crit said...

roller skating! love it!! i honestly can say that i haven't thought about it in years... what a fun activity!!

we should do it on a rainy day this summer with the kiddos!!