March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Menorah

So my bestest friend (who demanded full credit) had a great idea to add to our fun day.  I made a quick trip up to our local party supply store and bought some chocolate gold coins.  I just planted a couple dozen around our back yard, and I can't WAIT until Luke arrives home from school so I can watch him discover the trickled treasures!!!!!  I'm going to reference an odd glimpse of a speedy little creature hustling around our yard this afternoon.  I'll act ignorant as to what it could have been.  Of course I might mention it was wearing a green jacket... hee hee
Craig liked the idea and asked me to reserve a handful for him to continue the fun throughout the evening.

Here's the funny part.  There's ALWAYS a funny part!!!!!   I only could find ones with a menorah and dreidel on them.  ha ha  They say "A Chanukah Tradition since 1949".  I tried two other stores to find ones more appropriate for the day with no success.  Oh well.  My kids shouldn't care WHAT is on them as long as they get to run wild finding them and get to EAT them at the end!!!!

Thanks, Christy, for the idea!!!! Seriously!

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