March 16, 2011

Up Chuck

Just as I thought I was getting caught up on laundry
(side note: I get GIDDY when I have every single bit of laundry
washed, folded and put away at the same time!)
I was bombarded with more soiled, and I do mean SOILED garments.
At The Little Gym today, Luke barfed all over himself, me, the floor and someone's carseat.  The poor employees went right to work cleaning up the disaster on their CARPET!  They were amazingly kind. 
Poor Luke, though.  I guess it was a complete surprise attack, because one second he was fine and the next...

I'm no beginner at handling all of this.  Lydia's been vomiting her whole life practically.  Most recently, she puked all over herself and on my lap while sitting in the dentist office.  That was one of the worst, but there's been plenty of other times we've experienced this.

When Luke was around 2 years old, he puked all over my chest as I was holding him in Hobby Lobby.  That particular time there was just a nice pool that I captured between us and had to hustle to the back of the store to the restroom as it sloshed about.

Lydia's thrown up so many times in our car and at restaurants that I can't even recall them all.  Even as an infant she had ferocious spit-up.  Once as I cradled her in my left arm, she so violently threw-up that it shot across the front of me knocking over a bottle sitting on the table to my right.  Like a fire hose!

I have to say though, even with all of my experience- I don't think I'll EVER get used to it.  Each time is horrific- for both my kids and for me.  It's  N A S T Y and embarrassing. 

PS  If you don't know this already, please understand that for Luke- it's all virus related.  For Lydia, she's been treated and takes medication for her condition.  Her condition is called Pukey Pukerson.  No, it's actually
Eosinophilic Esophagitis ("E.E.")


Marisa said...

I remember when Luke was about 1 or so, you sent me an email with a picture of Craig holding Luke. He was standing behind a GIANT pile of white puke that Luke had just spit up all over the floor! I'm sure you remember this, I mean it was GIANT! It was such a funny picture!

crit said...

hilarious! pukey pukerson what a crack up!!!

oh, and by "pool" you mean the space in your bra between your ample bosom, right? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(word verification... abiwas... as in, abi was supposed to eat dog food but her owners only feed her crap. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)