March 25, 2011

I'm a Woman

Luke was describing how he would like to
use some of his money to buy something.
Lydia interrupted him with this suggestion,
"Luke... I'm a woman.
Let me buy it for you with a coupon."
Luke replied, "Okay.  I'll give you my money."

It makes me laugh so hard at what my kids have interpreted their roles to be just by observing our family.  I feel bad sometimes, yet since they've said on numerous occasions that they plan to marry each other- I guess they've got their life and future responsibilities all worked out.

I also don't know if I shared this story yet...
Luke told me not long ago that when he's older and gets married to his "wife", he's NOT moving out of our house.  Nope.  He informed me that Craig and I are going to have to be the ones to move out and he gets to stay at our house.   Now, THAT'S a genius financial planner!

Last story...
L&L don't ALWAYS get along so well.  In fact, often enough I find them irritating one another on purpose and it drives me bonkers!  I recently used an oldie but a goodie from the parenting book (my sister used it too and speaks highly of the method).  My kids were "at it" a couple days ago, and so as their "punishment", they had to sit on the couch and hold hands.  I stepped out of the room and when I returned Luke tattled that Lydia told him she didn't like him.  I just told her that was very, very sad.  I continued to have them sit there holding hands.  I continued around doing things and it took only minutes before they were chanting at the top of their little lungs, "HICKORY DICKORY DOCK! THE MOUSE RAN UP THE CLOCK!"  Needless to say, the trusted method worked like a charm. --- They forgot all about their little tiff, and I didn't have to raise my voice!

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crit said...

this was one of the best posts yet!!
i love that she is already thinking frugally. good for her, and good for you for instilling that in her!!

oh, and i love how you channeled your inner michelle duggar with that hand holding punishment. somewhere, jim bob was shedding a tear of approval... or maybe he was just overly excited at the possibility of having his seed take purchase again in his wife... either way, you rock!

(my word verification was... tonqui. as in . . . careful where you put that tonqui, honky!)