April 19, 2010

The Root Beer Stand

I've been introduced to a new interesting website. http://365cincinnati.com/

It led me to try a new lunch venue with the kids today
11566 Reading Road in Sharonville
Let me quote from the above website.
"So what makes this spot so special? They make their own root beer. And we found it to be mighty tasty. You can buy it by the mug, or by the half gallon or even by the gallon. They even serve it up as root beer floats...
Their food consists of a mix between a concession stand and a diner... They also serve Velvet ice cream and frozen bar type desserts. You can eat in or carry out. They have outdoor seating in the back, as well as a swing set for the kiddos."

1 comment:

Michelle Prather said...

Wow...I went there probably about 10-15 years ago with my ex and her dad! It was delicious!!! Had to have the rot beer float! Supa Delish!