April 11, 2010

Our Week (in photos)

I am finally getting around to unloading photos off of my camera. Here are a few from our trip to the zoo last week.

Saturday, we went to see Mary Poppins in Cincinnati.  The kids were amazing and the show was terrific.  Luke hardly moved a muscle during all 3 hours (minus the 15 minute intermission), and although Lydia shuffled between her seat and our laps- she didn't make a peep.  It was a real treat for them, and for us to see their faces light up at the "magic" of the show!
Today, we went to the Kite Festival in West Chester.  Unfortnately during the time we attended, there was hardly a breeze.  Luke gave it a thumbs down on the entertainment scale.  We DID enjoy a picnic lunch on a blanket near the pond, and of course just being outside was refreshing for ALL of us!
I like this one of the two of them toting their kite.
There was a short bit of time when Luke managed to get his kite in the air.  I LOVE this photo.  It was me trying to be creative with my camera, and I feel like I succeeded!  I think I'll frame it.

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