April 3, 2010

Gummy Donuts

Tonight I smashed an egg over my 13 year old nephew's head.  I did do it on purpose, but I THOUGHT IT WAS HARD BOILED!  He wanted to play a trick on ME, but it certainly backfired.  He had dyed a raw egg to mix in with the hard boiled eggs.  In the front of over a dozen friends and family, he set it up and was hoping I would attempt to crack the egg to eat it.  Thinking back, I recall several of my family members knowingly watched and waited as I carried the prank egg around the deck.  Then my nephew, who frequently attempts to fool me somehow, taunted me until I wanted to just knock him on the head to ultimately crack the egg a bit to peel and eat He obviously ducked and dodged me.  I honestly had no idea it was a raw eggI moved faster and SMASH... yolk smeared into his hair and dripped down his face.
H I L A R I O U S ! ! !
My claim is that I'm SO GLAD I didn't actually know it was raw, because it truly was an accident, therefore I DON'T HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY!  It got a good laugh- of course the LOUDEST laugh came out of MY mouth.  I'm just SO glad the joke ended up NOT being ON ME!  

Luke told us he was thrilled that part of his Easter candy bag this evening included "gummy donuts".  I was confused at this peculiar sounding candy, but didn't think about it too much UNTIL I noticed the wrapper later  GUMMY LIFESAVERS!!
Gummy DONUTS!  ha ha

I had to head to the doctor's today with Lydia.  Fever of 103 degrees.  BOOOOOOO!!!!!  She has a nasty sore throat, and it's supposedly a virus that needs to "run its course".  Fine by me, but during the drive home she was super miserable and cried out for me over and over.  She desperately wanted out of her carseat and asked for me to hold her.  This is what she told me, "I want to hold you Mommy, SOOO MUCH."  Bless her little heart!

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