April 25, 2010

No Matter What

Luke has begun to borrow a phrase I use with him.  When he performs some sort of naughty behavior or makes some sort of mistake, I have a line I gladly feed him.  Not until recently do I see a problem with my statement.  He's now quoting it back to me, and not always at a perfect feel-good type of moment:  "Mommy, I love you no matter what you do." UGH
It's harmless enough, but makes me sad to think that there might be times when I am "unlovable".  I may rethink my verbal approach to unconditional love.
As Lydia passed by Luke in our kitchen, he told her, "Phewey! Lydia, you stink!"  I explained to him, "Luke, don't tell her that; it might make her feel sad."   Moments later I walked by her myself and I couldn't help it.  I said, "Man Lydia... you DO stink!"   Great role model I am!  Don't worry, I'm coaching my kids to love me no matter what I do, right!??!
Lydia wanted her nails painted.  I chose hot pink.  Luke wanted to be a funny man and let me paint just one tiny nail of his.  I did.  We both cracked up the whole time.  He quickly presented it to Craig, who responded less than thrilled.  That sent Luke running into the bathroom to WASH it off.  I laughed harder as I heard him saying, "I hate this now!"  He was all too unhappy to find out soap wouldn't do the trick.  I doubt I should worry about him wanting to try out any more gross girly products anytime soon.

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