April 10, 2010

Mommy Throws Like a Girl

I have a confession.  I feel really bad about it, too.
During dinner at Bob Evans today, Lydia made#2 in her diaper.  Craig and I agreed that this stink bomb couldn't travel with us on the 30 minute drive home, so I changed her in the car before we pulled away.  I spotted dumpsters behind the restaurant, and being a smarty pants- I decided I'd just drive by and toss it in one.

This is really a stupid story, however bear with me...

So as I putted closeby the gated-in dumpsters, holding the steering wheel with my right hand, I akwardly hurled the dirty diaper with my LEFT arm out my window.
It was... like... THE WORST THROW  E V E R ! ! !
I was cracking up the whole time.  A funny part was that I threw it super hard, and it smacked the fencing, then fell to the ground.  (it's important that I tell you I'm quite good at rolling up soiled diapers and tacking them closed, so no yucky stuff is exposed)

Craig was cracking up.  I was laughing.  The kids were speechless and confused.  Craig hollars, "MOMMY THROWS LIKE A GIRL!"   I laughed even harder.  Meanwhile, our car was still coasting by the dumpsters.  It all happened so quickly, and before I knew it I was driving away and heading toward an intersection.  I regretfully had left the diaper on the ground.  I felt so bad about it; I really wanted to turn around and pick it up.
Craig was still cracking up and then tells me,
"Blog About THAT, Nancy!"
ha ha  Nancy... as in "nancy pants"... as in "sissy"

Possibly this was a "had to be there" moment,
but it WAS super funny
(Minus the littering part!- I truly feel bad about that!!!!!)


Michelle Prather said...

I WISH I could've been there for that! I'm in my chair laughing my butt off...remembering how you like to throw things out your car window!

crit said...

only hillbillies leave dirty diapers on the ground for someone else to have to pick up.

just sayin'!