March 26, 2010


Last week, Luke ran around in shorts and a t-shirt. We couldn’t WAIT to be done with coats and put all of our snow boots away. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!!!!!!! Crazy.
Here’s a slight recap of our warm weather adventures though:

I attempted to help Luke ride his bike without training wheels. TERRIBLE MISTAKE! Totally not ready! You can imagine the display we put on for a while though.

Lydia got her first official war wound in the driveway. She had a nice, gross “boo boo” that hung on for over a week.

Luke has learned to hang upside down by his knees on jungle jims. Plus, he NO LONGER needs me to push him on the swings!

Poor Abi got a spring haircut just a smidge too early this year. I trimmed her fur shorter than it’s been all winter, but this morning she’s shivering her little doggie buns off!

We spent the day yesterday with my majorly preggo friend, Christy. She shared and I reminisced about the bittersweet aches and pains of the last few weeks. Some (well... MANY) too personal to share. It was a fun morning at Florence Mall though. The kids enjoyed an awesome indoor play area and a super cool double-decker carousel!

Craig coached a group of kids at his school to WIN the school’s talent show playing a drumline song he “wrote” (sort of) for them. They were pumped!
No fish have died in our aquarium for over a month!!!!! This is a serious accomplishment for me!

I'll try to do a better job at filling you in on the funnies around here.  I've been a bad, bad blogger :(

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