March 27, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Today at a family get together, Luke was allowed to speed around on a scooter without a helmet, and wouldn't you know… he had a major spill! It went flying right out from underneath him, his feet far above his head and KABOOM -
he cracked his head  H A R D  on the sidewalk.
I try not to overreact when my kids are hurt, but seeing this with my own eyes led me to RUN to him. I scooped him up with my hand on the back of his head. Good news... no blood, but almost instantly he grew a gigantor goose-egg bump on the back of his head. We iced it, but even still he is leftover with a nasty sized knot. He described that it felt tender as he laid his head on his pillow tonight. Poor guy.
SO, I tell you this not as a lecture about helmets. More because it made me realize what a resilient kid Luke actually and typically can be. This very morning I have witnessed an example of his macho-ness. During Judo, he had an opportunity to match up against another 5 year old. Luke's aggression is normally pretty controlled. He does loves a good competition though.
Here's what happened...
Immediately after bowing in, Luke went right after his opponent and flipped him onto the ground. It didn't physically hurt the boy (it IS the purpose of Judo, after all), but it shocked him and he ran to his dad sobbing his eyes out.
The funny part?
Luke ran right after him, and as the boy was clinging to his father, Luke grabbed him around his waist and pulled/pried him right off his dad just to slam him down again. No exaggeration.
And No Mercy.
I felt bad for the boy. Luke didn't waiver. The boy eventually did calm down and his dad didn’t seem upset by it.
I simply tell you this to describe that Luke is quite a tough guy, and when I saw him crash onto the ground from his scooter this evening and completely freak out with pain... I sort of felt panicked. It's seldom for him to be "hurt".
It's also possible that secretly I'm relieved that he isn't some invincible warrior and does have some normal weaknesses. Maybe now, we can just focus on the words compassion and empathy.
Lydia's story of the evening...
She demonstrated that the hole on the cornhole boards reminded her of potty seats. She sat her tiny tushie on them and pretended to "go". In the car we laughed again about this as she confessed that she actually did "toot" while she sat on the boards also. Silly girl.

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Michelle Prather said...

My gosh...Luke is something else! I was proud for him! Then me and Brandon got to your quick note on Lydia... We laughed so hard! Thanks Betsy!