March 16, 2010

Fun in Phoenix

This past weekend, Craig had to go out of town for a 4 day trip to Phoenix.  The good news is that I was able to join him!  It's the first time we've really gone away like this and left our kids.... EVER!
I'll describe it as WONDERFUL, as long as you understand that
I really did honestly miss my children!

Craig had to be at his scheduled conference for some/much of the time, which allowed ME complete freedom.
I had nowhere to be & plenty of time to get there.
I laughed at nearly a dozen of these statues, until I realized
they were embarrassingly detailed to be anatomically CORRECT!!!
Women AND Men.   Y U C K !
I would have much rather seen the Barbie/Ken approach
to their private parts!

See the bench?  It is where I spent hours of my time...
reading and writing.  It was breathtaking and serene.

While I was away though, my youngin's brewed up some nasty germs.  It seems Lydia may be getting over hers now, but Luke now has "walking pneumonia".  Poor little guy!!  Poor CHRISTY too, who babysat all weekend- along with caring for her own 3 year old AND her 3rd trimester pregnant self.  She did so though, graciously and selflessly.  I feel indebted!

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crit said...

it was my absolute pleasure. i love your kids. . . and i love YOU!