March 17, 2010

A Pungent 'Present'

Okay, Luke's sick, Lydia's (sort of) sick, I'm sick.  Craig's been SUPER BUSY.  Life is dull right now.  I made a "funny" though...  a little lame, but it's all I got right now:

Scene: The kids and I waiting in a doctor's office this afternoon. Lydia poops in her diaper.  It's a genuine stink-bomb!  I didn't bring in a diaper, hoping we'd be there for a super short visit.  We sat in the room for 45+ minutes, and finally the doctor enters...

Doctor: "Phew! Seems like someone left a present in this room." (glancing at the garbage can)
Me: "No, someone is WEARING a present in this room." (glancing at Lydia)

He laughed.  I laughed.

TOTALLY worth blogging about it right now,
so I could relive it and laugh all over again!


crit said...

ha! that's awesome!

amanda said...

This same thing always happens to me. I carry a diaper bag in the car for trips here and there. I lug it in and out of every stop all day long. I leave it on our last trip that should only last a few minutes and that is exactly when I need it the most. ARG!!! My Kenna can leave some of the worst bombs ever.