October 18, 2009

Pick Up Sticks

Craig often refers to an imaginary game... actually rather crude one too, so I apologize ahead of time. Sometimes Craig's answer or suggestion to me or to Luke will include the phrase, "play pick up sticks with your butt cheeks." Well, the words finally sunk into Luke's little mind and yesterday he asked in response... excitedly, yet confusingly, "Is that a real game we can play?" Awww.... to be young and innocent again! More from Luke: This morning Craig prepared a healthy breakfast. We all took turns trying to convince Lydia to eat up. Luke's persuasion technique was a little different than mine. He suggested to Lydia to eat up so - HERE IT IS - Eat your food so that someday you will have hair on your chest like I will have. Oh my, let's hope not!

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