October 25, 2009

"Now, That's Funny"

"blogging''... something I thought I'd NEVER do! I do enjoy reading about other people/families, but I didn't realize how much I would LOVE thinking about how to share my life with you through words and pictures and videos. Think of my blog as my way of reaching out to those I care about, since I know I fail miserably at reaching out via other forms of communication most of the time! SORRY I knowingly spend time blogging about our frivolous daily activities, and sometimes I obviously post videos that aren't even my own. Know though that these are all with the intention to share with you some of my favorite entertainment, and much is with the purpose of making you LAUGH! hence the title of my blog Actually, I have been thinking a great deal about that very subject though (and for good reason)... ***LAUGHING*** We underestimate it's value, I'm afraid. Sadly, I am too often guilty of getting into the rut of FORGETTING to laugh. Forgetting to enjoy every single moment with which we're blessed! Forgetting that's it's MY CHOICE whether I want to enjoy my life or not! Life stinks sometimes! I'm sure it always will! However, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS something to be thankful for! Always someone needing you to smile at or with them! Here's my serious story to share- You probably know and remember I lost my mother-in-law this past May. Her experience fighting cancer was very unexpected, too short, and extremely devastating. - only 3 weeks - to be exact - from the day of her diagnosis to the day of her passing. Up until that time, she was an active and overall 'happy' person. She was presumably healthy and here it is... one of my favorite things about her... in fact- OUR MAJOR THING WE HAD IN COMMON - she loved to laugh! It was no secret that she and I were very, very different, but I am certain that if there's any truth to a man marrying a woman like his mother... that characteristic was his draw to me. She laughed at just about everything. I remind Craig that I believe that's what she enjoyed most about him as her son- she could call on him at any time to get her cracking up! By the way- MY favorite thing about him too. Anyway... my point to this story. In the hospital, the family continued to get worse and worse news, and as you can imagine- our spirits were crushed and worn out. My most vivid memory though was Charlotte's ability to CONTINUE to laugh and joke- all the way until she closed her eyes for her final sleep. I am completely serious about this! As her state of consciousness was failing her, she began to repeat phrases not making too much sense, but GUESS WHAT HER #1 PHRASE WAS?!?! What we heard her say over and over??? "Now, That's Funny!" She would throw her weak hand in the air and slap her leg, saying "Now, That's Funny!" I can still hear it, "Now, That's Funny!" "Now, That's Funny!" Folks... LIFE IS FUNNY!!!!! Even when it's sad... LAUGH THROUGH THE TEARS! For me personally, I think that's the only way to bear it. I never want to forget those words, because it's relevant every * single * day about every * single * event I'll never forget, "Now, That's Funny!", because IT SURE IS! Thank you, Charlotte, for the reminder and lesson! And thank YOU for reading! I Love You All!

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crit said...

thank you for this amazing post. such a very great reminder to all of us!!