October 18, 2009


Okay, so yesterday we made the hike (not as far as I thought it would be) to visit our sweet Marisa! We suited up in layers and mittens to attend the Ball State University football game. I full anticipated that we would be freezing our buns, but the stadium seating wasn't metal so it was bearable after all... WOO HOOMarisa is in the marching band and had a super entertaining halftime show! Midway through their Michael Jackson medley, Marisa and her band mates drop their instruments and break out in a little THRILLER dance.

We then got to see her dorm. She's on the high bunk- practically hits her head on the ceiling when she sits up. Luke of course wanted to get the bird's eye view. Marisa fits well into college life and it brought back memories for Craig and I when we lived at Miami University to tromp around the campus. What a fun fun day!

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