October 30, 2009

Hiking the Hills of the Cincinnati Zoo

Yesterday was a breathtakingly awesome autumn day! What a better way to spend it than OUTSIDE inhaling the fall flavors!
It's funny how sometimes when PRE-PLAN outings, the weather can ruin things at the last minute...
but it's funny how (and THANK GOODNESS) sometimes IT COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT!
My dear friend, Amanda, and I have been trying to get our kiddos together for weeks now. Between illnesses and poor weather, we've had to continually reschedule. I wonder if she watched the weather all week like I did - hoping and wishing for a sunny forecast.
Our wish was certainly granted!
we had two other great gals join us.
For me... something "old"
and something "new" in a sense.
My close friend, Christy (friends since 1993!) & her sweet Lily... and my newest friend, Shelly and her little man Caleb.
We unloaded our brood and had a fun fun day at The Cincinnati Zoo. I have to say this is one of my FAVORITE places to take Luke & Lydia! They can run and enjoy, and somehow never seeming exhausted. And hiking those hills is completely worth it at the end of the day. The kids took turns hopping on and off of our 4 strollers and seldom did we see a sullen face.
I feel completely and utterly blessed to be surrounded AND TO SURROUND MY CHILDREN with such wonderful families!!!

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