January 5, 2011

Photo Recap of the holidays

Dressed and set to go to our Christmas Eve church service.
Craig's mom started a tradition of giving the kids Christmas pajamas each year.  Since in the past we had gathered together on Christmas Eve, the kids were always able to wear these pajamas on Christmas night and then open gifts the next morning in their new 'jams.  Last year, I decided to keep up the tradition. 
 This year they giggled, and named their PJs, "elf clothes".
 I was thrilled and honored to make quilts for each of the kids.  In advance, I prepared myself that they most likely won't be as excited as me.  As you can see from Lydia's expression, I was right on with my assumption.
 Obviously, we opened presents on Christmas morning.
My parents joined us for lunch and more presents.
Then Craig's dad was coming for dinner and MORE PRESENTS.  In the afternoon, the kids were
pretty wiped out, so the quilts already came in handy as they both took a Christmas Day cat nap.
Lydia received an Easy Bake Oven.  She put it right to work and our family enjoyed tasting her creations.
On New Year's Day we headed to Lima, Ohio to attend my cousin's wedding.  The kids do clean up nice from time to time, don't they?!?!  We got this cute dress from our little friend, Lily... thank you!

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amanda said...

Your quilts turned out great!!! I love them! And the kids look so cute in their pjs! I have always wanted to do the Christmas Eve PJ gift but Nate thinks its silly!