January 19, 2011

Penguin Poo

Luke and I went with my family to the Cincinnati Zoo to watch the Penguin Parade.  It's exactly how it sounds, too.  They literally parade the penguins from an outdoor pen into their home in the Bird House building.  They let them waddle along the path as we made a human fence line. 

It just so happened that I got Luke right up near the gate and he was the first to follow behind the trainers through the entire route.  It was quite a sight to see (and hear!  The penguins honked and squaked occasionally which was funny).  Once we got into the bird house the mood changed.  The lighting is dark and there are narrow hallways with lots of turns. 

The only mishap was when we ALMOST stepped right into some fresh penguin poo right in the middle of the floor.  Apparently, penguins have no shame and just let loose wherever they want.  It wasn't a little dollop either.  It was more like a melted ice cream cone.  GROSS!
This Penguin Parade runs every winter twice a day.  I recommend it, as it was a unique and fun experience.  Just watch where you step!!!   hardy har har

Here are three more non-traditional photos I took while at the zoo.  They're my favs...

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the chickens' auntie said...

The penguin parade looks like SO MUCH FUN! I wish they had had it when my guys were little.