December 4, 2010

I Forgot To Flush

Sometimes I get so caught in being an adult that I forget to play.  I think it's been worse since Lydia's become old enough to be Luke's playmate.  Less and less they ask for me to join in their games.
Well today was finally an exception.
In fact, Craig hopped on the bandwagon as well and we were all laughing hysterically at our homemade fun.

Luke likes to be timed at running- usually it will be sort of like an obstacle course.  The four of us were in the living room, and we used a timer to time Luke as we'd design and redesign the course.  Eventually he settled into this route and repeated it a couple times to beat his own best time.

1. Start on the tile by the fireplace.
2. Run upstairs and turn Mom's nightstand lamp on and then back off.
3. Run to the basement and circle around the pole.
4. Run back to the main floor and flush the bathroom toilet.
5. Run to the finish line by hitting Mom's foot.

We laughed and laughed as he would return each time completely panting and fatigued!
Well then the excitement hit a whole new level.  Somehow, someone suggested that I DO IT. 
***That "someone" by the way,
had his feet kicked up in the recliner.
As you may know, I never quite back down from a challenge, so I got in my best runner's stance by the fireplace and the READY, SET, GO!  I was off!!!  I hustled through the route- it was WAY harder than I thought! 
When's the last time YOU ever ran up a flight of stairs?  AND try TWO sets!
I truly was running as fast as I could!  I was also bursting laughter the whole time!  I got up the basement steps and sped quickly to tag Luke's shoe.  I was immediately relieved until I was reminded that I FORGOT TO FLUSH THE TOILET!!!!   UGH!  I busted a move into the bathroom... swoosh..... and ran back again to tag the shoe.
MAN!  I seriously was huffing and puffing.
So then I dared Craig to try and beat my time.  Happily, he didn't want to miss out on the fun, so he got into his runner's stance and BANG- off he flew through the house.
Long story short, he TOTALLY beat our times.
It didn't end there though.  I did it second time, and also Craig did it again!

It was a majorly immature thing to do.  I don't know that most responsible adults would run like maniacs through their homes, but we utterly enjoyed ourselves.
What about Lydia, you ask?   Well, she invented her own fun.  For over a week now, she's been a "puppy".  Seriously, she crawls on all fours and barks.  It's strange, I know, but I think it's age-appropriate, so we haven't called the psychiatrist just yet. 
Back to the main topic though, she competed the course too, but as a puppy.  Needless to say her time was so very long, but she had a bunch of fun in character and that's all that matters.

Lesson:  Don't forget to play today.
It will be TOTALLY worth the effort!

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